Saturday, July 7, 2018

Event Season

Thesis Subject: List Making

Many people are puzzled by the seeming disparity of the work I do, event planning vs working with clay. I would have to agree, one is tedious and stressful and the other quiet and peaceful. Both strive for a similar end result which is the appearance of ease and peace, but which one?  The longer I do this work the more I realize they are foils for each other. will be posting a profile of me and my work on Tuesday this coming week. Take a look here, and then tell me in September if you agree!

Boy, are we ever underway! There are only 10 places remaining, so please tell your knitting friends and send them this way

Much to my delight, workshop space has been holding strong and with few exceptions everyone has been getting into their first and second choices. 

Exciting notes... we have a phenomenal list of Guest Presenters each evening: Katharine Cobey, Norah Gaughan, Peter Hagerty, Julia Farwell-Clay, and Gale Zucker

(Peter Hagerty of Peace Fleece, now one of Harrisville Designs beautiful lines, will be reading from his new book and discussing his recent visit to New Mexico)

Also, we will have yoga each morning out on the decks with Melora Gregory and Holly Hofman!  Our beloved yoga instructors from Monhegan Island and Quechee, Vermont.  

Knit Maine was toasted on the patio of the Abiquiu Inn in June

We had a spectacular time in New Mexico last month! We daytripped our way through northern New Mexico visiting ranchers, dyers, massage therapists, and artisans. We ate so much and stuffed our suitcases with goodies never slowing down building our stashes with beautiful churro and rambouillet wools, jewelry and artwork. The weather could not have been lovelier, though some rain would have been very welcome. New Mexico is suffering from a terrible drought right now. 

Our group was sweet and kind, eager to explore and I miss them so much! Enjoy a few photos below that cannot possibly show the wonderful-ness of our week together.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon this September. Until then, keep reading about all the K&YA retreats right here and stay in touch.                     

Santa Fe

Knitting inspiration in the Abiquiu Inn gallery

Toni and her indigo dying
O'Keefe Country

Ghost Ranch and Pedernal
One of our projects

Our last day together

Monday, April 2, 2018

YOGA by the Sea

Many of you have asked about YOGA at KNIT MAINE® in September...

Ask and you shall receive!  

Three morning sessions on the decks of Haystack.

                                                                          ...This just keeps getting better.

Sign-up soon!  


Lisa dreaming up another fabulous retreat.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Like A Lion

February was sweet like Gotland lambs..... 

                                                                 ...but March has roared in!  

Abiquiu, New Mexico   June 2-9, 2018

June is just around the corner and a fiesta awaits our arrival in New Mexico!  

If you've been thinking about this trip, there's still time to join us. This is an all-expense paid week in the high desert of Northern New Mexico. We will be visiting fiber producers and vendors, watching dying and weaving demonstrations, touring historic sites, soaking in spring-fed mineral pools and dining on some of the best New Mexican cuisine around. 

Visit the website here and see what this beautiful trip to Abiquiu, NM is all about!

KNIT MAINE™   September 6-9, 2018

Annemarie and Sasha at Harrisville Designs

Plans for for this new event are heating up in a big way!
Ads are going out...
Stores are handing out postcards and putting posters up in their windows...
Sponsors are shipping them to customers... 
We're all getting ready!

Send us the name of your favorite knit shop and we'll send them more information!

Follow Us on Instagram!

Happy travels! And I hope to see you this year with your knitting in tow!



Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wintery Contemplation of the Year to Come

February is my favorite month.  

It's my birthday month so naturally it's a little more special to me.  Mostly it lends itself to quiet contemplation.  The landscape plays a big role in this, the crunching snow and blocks of sea ice rising and falling on the marshes I drive by everyday set the tone to turn inward.  This is also the time when I look over my calendar for the year and think about what I want to accomplish and how I want to spend my time.

I just returned from a weeklong conference in Bennington, Vermont called the North Country Studio Workshop where I was delighted to see some familiar faces from K&YA retreats.  It's such a great thing to try new things and stretch your creative muscles.  This is what I hope others will do in attending a K&YA retreat.

One aspect of my contemplation is much like how I approach planning retreats.  I begin with the seasons, family events and work my way down to the smallest of details. How it will feel to sit in the sun on the deck overlooking Penobscot Bay or walk around the alpaca ranch in Northern New Mexico in June?  When will we be 'on the go' and when will we rest, knit and visit?  Balance is the operative word here.

I invite you to think of your upcoming year and hope that you consider spending some of it with us. In New Mexico it will be experiencing a culture and fiber so unique and unusual right in our own backyard.  In Maine, Haystack will offer the chance to live on campus with knitting icons, learn new techniques among friends, even the opportunity to turn your craft into a life-supporting career if you are so inclined.  Through studies in gauge, pattern writing, tech editing one could change the direction of their craft and step up to a greater challenge.

Here is a link to the workshop offerings in September.  No matter your skill level, there are sessions for you here.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Yea! It's A New Year!

This feels really good.  Out with the Old and In with the New.  It's a refreshing approach today and so it goes with all the new adventures of 2018.  I hope you can all join me this year, there's room for everyone.

Let's take a look at what's in store for 2018

Abiquiu, New Mexico  June 2-9, 2018

This is a different sort of trip for K&YA, it's a traveling, day-tripping, sheep-to-shawl-esque sort of trip.  We meet in Sante Fe at the Inn On The Paseo, hang out for about 24 hours then head on up to the Abiquiu Inn in Abiquiu, NM.  From there the real adventure begins!

We'll meet loads of Churro Sheep, eat lots of amazing Northern New Mexican foods, soak up the sunset, and explore the historic adobes in Abiquiu, Taos and Los Ojos.  As we trip back down south at the end of the week we'll smell the lavender and feed the alpaca of Victory Ranch.

KNIT MAINE™ at Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle, Maine  September 6-9, 2018

This is also a different sort of trip for K&YA, I guess it's that kind of year.  This is not so much a retreat as a full blown knitting extravaganza. With roughly 30 classes to chose from taught by 8 standout Designers and Instructors any knitter from a fledgling beginner to an advanced super-knitter will find classes to suit their tastes.

If you've dreamed of spending time on the coast of Maine this is the place to be.  Haystack, an internationally renown craft school has opened its doors to us for one of the most idyllic weekends Maine can offer.  When you're not soaking up the knitting workshops you can soak up the sun on the warm ledge with your toes dipped into Penobscot Bay.

Quechee, Vermont  November 1-4, 2018 
Now this is what I call a traditional, cozy up-to-the-fire retreat.  We'll be in the rolling foothills of the Green Mountains, sitting by the fire knitting.  Only this year we will also be baking!  

Perhaps it's not that traditional after all.  We'll spend part of our yarn crawl on Saturday rolling out cookies at the King Arthur Flour Baking School.  Then we'll roll home past one of our favorite knit shops, Northern Nights in Norwich, VT.

 I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.  And I really hope you pack a bag and come away with us!


Friday, December 1, 2017

2018 Here We Come!

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle, Maine

Today is the day, the 2018 Schedule goes out into the world.

We have a great line-up this next year and it's going to be a blast!

Before I move along too quickly, 
I'd to say a hearty and heartfelt 'Thank You' to everyone who joined me this year.  
It was a wonderful, successful, and happy year filled with retreats.  
We had many new faces and many returnees, it was a true pleasure to spend time with each of you.  

New Mexico was an outstanding trip with breathtaking scenery, double horned Churro sheep, and a lovely group of ladies who joined Norah, Diana, and myself for a week in the Southwest.

Monhegan Island was, as always, a dream.  Though a little foggy and damp this year it gave everyone permission to snuggle in and knit even more.  Beth did an outstanding job leading the group down the technical historic path towards the perfect Gansey.

And Quechee, Vermont with its 'same-time-next-year' crowd, a cozy fireside success.  We had wonderful food, a few new lovely faces and Julia Farwell-Clay was a delight and we loved the Folly Cove history and imagery.  

2018, Where Do I Begin?

At the beginning... We will embark upon our second Abiquiu, New Mexico Adventure, June 2-9, 2018.  Susan Mills, Creative Director of Classic Elite Yarns will be at the helm leading knitting workshops each morning and exploring the 'sheep-to-shawl' experience with the regional fibers of Northern New Mexico.  This week out west will be filled with fiber, art, history, and delicious New Mexican cuisine.

Skipping ahead to Fall, Quechee, Vermont Adventure, November 1-4, 2018 will take place once again at the cozy and beautiful Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm.  This time we will daytrip out on a baking yarn crawl.  What?              We welcome Beth Brown-Reinsel, who is an expert and great resource of historical knitting and the techniques of European knitting such as the Knitted Gansey will have her 2nd K&YA experience!

The big surprise for the year is a new event, KNIT MAINETM.  September 6-9, 2018.  This is by far the biggest event ever hosted by K&YA. 
Haystack Mountain School of Craft is graciously welcoming us to spend 4 days and 3 nights on their campus in Deer Isle, Maine.  It will be a weekend filled with a huge variety of daily workshops to chose from, evening presentations, a marketplace filled with Maine and New England based producers, and 8 Nationally & Internationally Recognized Instructors!  It is going to a fantastic fun time on the beautiful shore of Penobscot Bay.  I hope you can join me!

 All in all, I feel pretty grateful to have spent my year surrounded by such great people.  Living in Maine isn't so bad either.  ~Lisa

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great News!

It's official!  Knit Maine is now a trademarked name and logo!