Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hey Y'all,
Hope you're having a great December. I am so happy to report that I FINALLY FINISHED IT! Yes, the grandfather clock sock I started maybe a year and a half ago is now DONE! It measures 79" in height and 64" around. I sure hope it fits. I'll be delivering it to my friend soon and we shall see. I made it with pencil roving, the same sort I used for a Cowichan sweater a few years ago. When I first started with pencil roving it felt like knitting with cotton candy, I broke and tangled the strands a lot. But now I'm so accustomed to it (after nine million hours) that I might just order another Cowichan sweater kit and try to make a new and improved one.

This is not all I've been working on. I knocked out a hat for a friend and made some progress in my Adult Surprise Jacket, based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. I thought I was doing great when I discovered I'd made a huge mistake. Hint: when the pattern says s1 K2Tog psso it does not mean ssk. Several rows into this wrong move the whole thing had gone awry. I thought I was going to have to unravel it down to the studs, but I frogged for a spell, got it back to a not-messed-up spot, wondered how I might get nearly 300 tiny stitches back on the needles, then remembered the blessing that is an embroidery needle and an after-the-fact lifeline.

To insure I would (hopefully) make no more errors, at least not of the variety already made, I broke down and watched a couple of YouTube videos laying out just how to work the Surprise Jacket. I don't know why I don't watch these videos before casting on-- SO HELPFUL to have it explained. Because even though EZ was a genius, and her knitting prose (and even patterns) are deliciously conversational, there are definitely spots in her directions where it sure helps to get pointers from someone who's gone before you. I just read ahead a bit in the pattern, started to panic, then remembered that I'll check out more videos before proceeding to the next section.

Beyond that, I got on the needles the start of a beret, using a pattern I picked up at KnitWit in Portland and... I admit it... the wonderful Swans Island yarn I was supposed to be using for my lace half-pi shawl. I'd put that down to focus on the clock sock, picked it back up, convinced myself that the many errors weren't so egregious, did a few more rows, realized I was not relaxing, accepted that I am powerless over lace, and then decided to just unravel. That yarn is so soft, so amazing to work with, I decided I wanted to use it for something simple and fast, so I could focus on the feel and not tear my hair out over my ongoing difficulties with charts.

I still will try charts again-- see aforementioned goal of another Cowichan sweater. But I'm going to wait until after the holidays, when all this end of the year chaos gives way to something calmer. Hope you're working on lots of cool projects, too.

Don't forget you can Early Bird Register for the 2015 Knitting and Yoga Retreats starting January 1st.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Report from the Vermont Retreats!!

Hey Y’all,

Lisa just wrapped up a couple of Knitting and Yoga Adventures weekend retreats in Quechee, Vermont. Not surprisingly, everyone had a great time and attendees came from all over New England and as far away as the Virgin Islands. Week One there was a big group and Cathy Payson came along as the guest teacher. She led classes teaching some of her original designs with fall-inspired themes. There was also a mini-workshop at Six Loose Ladies, a trip to Northern Nights Yarn Shop, and fab food at King Arthur Flour Café.

Week Two was a smaller group, but no less fun. Lynne Barr came along to teach, and really challenged the attendees with a technically tricky sculptural knitting project from her new book, The Shape of Knitting. Week Two folks also attended a mini-workshop at the LYS, learning to crochet flowers to embellish knitting. And dinner at the astonishingly fabulous Cloudland Farm, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Woodstock area.

Registration for next year’s retreats open on January 1, 2015. Set a reminder for yourself! We are going to have a great time on Monhegan Island and in Vermont. The Monhegan trip will be in September. The Vermont trip will be November 5-8.

Enjoy your December knitting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Knitting Every Day

Hey Y'all,
Hard to believe we left Monhegan Island a month ago! I'm pleasantly jealous of those of you who are going on the upcoming Vermont retreats. I'll still be in the throes of Busy Wedding Season down here in Austin, where October is sort of our June. The weather is so splendid-- 80s in the daytime, 60s at night-- that everyone wants to take advantage of it and get hitched outdoors. I myself mark the big drop down into the 60s (from our summertime triple digits) but stocking up on firewood and getting probably too many projects on the needles, the idea being that I'll get a big fire going the second it drops down to 59F and I'll bust out all these sweaters and shawls and just knock 'em out like that.

Wait, did I just say "too many projects"? Well, what I mean is, I WANT TO DO THEM ALL! And I want to do them all RIGHT NOW. But I know I cannot do them ALL and RIGHT NOW. I have to slow down and pick. If knitting has taught me anything, it's either that patience is a must or, more honestly, that I have a LONG way to go before I qualify as remotely patient. Because right now I am trying to plow through the extremely basic Malabrigo stripey hat pictured up above in-progress and on Dante's head. Why the rush? Because I want to get back to the half-pi shawl which, yes, I put down-- WHAT WAS I THINKING? Also I need to get back to the adult sized Baby Surprise Jacket I'm making me on ridiculously small needles and using Brooklyn Tweed's LOFT. That is going to take me YEARS to finish.

I'm also needing to finish that grandfather clock sock I've been talking about since I started it in April 2013. I only have about six inches left on needles the size of motorcycle handlebars but I am SO STALLED OUT. Because it is SO BORING. But it's beautiful and I just need to get it done. One reason I need to get it done is because my reward is going to be to let myself start another project that involves ten-million knit-only stitches. That would be the Color Affection shawl like we saw when we visited TESS in Portland, Maine after the retreat. I just cannot get that shawl out of my head.

Because I did not pick up the yarn at TESS that they used to make the shawl, I have been desperately trying to find something even close to as soft as their KITTEN line. I'd gotten a bunch of Madeline Tosh (always a good bet, and pictured above with some LOFT). But still, I wanted softer. So then I came across some Classic Elite Yarns VILLA and what a triple score! Because not only is it incredibly soft and incredibly beautiful, it also makes me think of Susan Mills, who often comes to Monhegan with us, and who is the creative director of CEY. I cannot WAIT to start working with this stuff. (I'll figure out later what to do with the Tosh. Poor me-- what a problem to have.)

In other news, I confess I went ahead and got a new iPhone 6, which is a total indulgence EXCEPT if you consider I really do rely super heavily on my phone for work-- both my weddings and my blog work. The camera in the new phone is just amazing. I already was one to take a bazillion pictures daily. Now I am taking about two bazillion per day. I do enjoy all the nature I come across in and of itself, but I have to admit I also like to take color and design inspiration from all the flowers and critters, like the lizard that scared the hell out of me in the shower last night. (I feel certain I also scared the hell out of him).

And despite my busy-ness and my sometimes indecisiveness- WHAT to pick up and work on today-- I have to say that hardly a day passes that I don't do something knitting related. Usually that means actually knitting. Some days though, I only have time to ball up a few skeins. In the picture above, my son was visiting me from Brooklyn and a bunch of his friends came by to say hi. Courtney asked "What's that?" and so I gave her a lesson in swifting and balling. It was so fun and very Tom Sawyer of me to get her to do my work for free.

Down below is the Baby Surprise Jacket. Surprise! It's nowhere near a jacket yet. But it will be. I swear, it will be. I'll just keep taking it with me everywhere I go, working every day every day. Maybe if I'm lucky it'll be done in time for Monhegan Island 2015.

Happy Knitting Y'all,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Come Away With Us to Vermont November 13-16th!

Hey Y'all
Great news! Were you filled with pleasant envy reading about our recent Knitting and Yoga Adventure to Monhegan Island? Are you kicking yourself for having missed it? Or maybe you went with us but you need more, more, more knitting and stretching and retreating before next year’s weeklong trip? 

At ease! Turns out we’ve got a wee bit o’room for our upcoming Weekend Knitting and Yoga Retreat to Quechee, Vermont. We’ll be heading out November 13 – 16th, 2014. We’ve got amazing accommodations and incredible food lined up. Our teacher for the long weekend will be fashion forward designer Lynne Barr. There will be massages and yarn crawling, too. 

This is a great way to try out a Knitting and Yoga Retreat for those of you who’ve been meaning to get around to one. If you bring a friend you’ll get a discount. You can bring your whole knitting group, in fact. The fall colors in New England are spectacular this time of the year. And Quechee is an easy drive from all of New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

As if we even need to talk you into the trip you’ve been dreaming of forever. By all means, hop on over to our website for more information and register today! We can’t wait for you to come away with us.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to Reality (Dreaming of Next Year)

And so it was, with great reluctance, we departed Monhegan Island. I looked out my top floor window to see the truck way below, loaded up with our luggage. I looked at the little flower in my little vase in my little room and I think I might've even kissed the wall and said, "Goodbye little room, I LOVE YOU," but maybe that was a pre-caffeine hallucination. Anyway, as it always is, it was sad for me to have to go. But then, I know I'll be back again. And I swear one of these years I'm just going to make Sue & Holden give me a waitress job for the summer

To help soothe the pain, we had a pleasantly smooth ride bak across on the Laura B. The way she was a-hoppin' and boppin' in the harbor on Monhegan side indicated we were in for a stomach tossing adventure. But the wind was at our backs, as if we were the protagonists in that old Irish blessing, and away we zipped across the sea.

Back in Port Clyde, we sifted through the mountain of suitcases, got it as sorted as we could, and then off to Sprague's for lobster rolls and crab rolls and very assertive seagulls. It's a good thing we stopped to eat because it'd been a solid two hours since we'd had our last gut-bustin' gourmet desayuno at Monhegan House. (The waitstaff accidentally brought me a bonus pistachio lime muffin which I hoarded in my bag and ate much later.)

Properly nourished (and then some) the caravan headed back to Portland where we stopped at TESS DESIGNER YARNS for some luxurious hand-dyed yarns. That place is sensory overload of the best kind. I limited myself to a pinch of cashmere and matching t-shirt/tote bag KNITTING IS SEXY combo. (I think I've worn that shirt every day since I got home.) I also fell in love with every sample in the place including a heavily-pink scarf done in TESS Kitten. Just looking at that picture I want to bust out my credit card and order a kit. I can still feel how soft it is.

While we were in TESS, we met Dr. Bob, whom Sallie and Karen work with. He's an ob/gyn who knits up little hats for all the babies he lends an assist to entering the world. And he posts pictures of all of them at his blog. I got weepy talking to him and I get weeping looking at HIS BLOG. What a guy.

Because you can never stop at enough yarn stores, we dropped into KnitWit, too, to say hello to Suzie the wonderful owner and get enough yarn to fill up every last ever lovin' nook and cranny in our suitcases. I got several patterns and was really amazed at how Szsie seems to have every pattern book memorized. Thank you, Suzie!

And then, at last, it really was time to say goodbye goodbye as we dropped off most folks at the airport. I went back to Lisa's to sleep for the night before heading over to Brooklyn to see my son for a few days. At Lisa's I was thinking, "Look, it's only 8 pm, I'll read the book I brought to read on the trip but failed to even glance at on the island." Haha. Yeah, right. I was totally crashed out before 10 pm and I slept a solid nine. Y'all wore me out. In the best way.

I'm excited for those of you who get to go on THE VERMONT TRIP. I'll be down here in Austin-- it's busy wedding season and I can't break away. But I'll be with you in spirit. I'm still working on my Half Pi Shawl, and by "working on" I mean finding new ways to mess up every day. But dagnabit I PERSIST and I just know that even though it will unlikely come close to resembling Susan's original design, hey, at least it'll keep me warm.

Thanks y'all for another great year on the island!
Hope you'll join us again next year for another KNITTING & YOGA ADVENTURE!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Last Night on Monhegan Island

Well boo! It’s a bit past 10 pm on Friday night which means tomorrow it's back to reality. Dagnabit. I’m sitting here typing this in the dark parlor. I cannot figure out how to turn the lights on. But hey, at least the internet works down here. Apparently the hamsters in charge of running on the wheel to make the connection on the fourth floor work exhausted themselves. I was just about to hurl my computer out the window and fully embrace ISLAND LIFE when I remembered we’ll be back on the mainland tomorrow. So I kept my computer and here I sit, in the dark, wondering why everyone went to bed so early.

Or are you all drinking in your rooms and no one invited the teetotaling blogger? Hmmm…. I wish I had time to ponder that and grow paranoid but you know, I don’t and I won’t. I’m just savoring the montage that is already filling my head (and my hard drive)—another SMASHING KNITTING & YOGA ADVENTURES!

I’d like to thank TEAM KYA: namely Lisa, who makes all this happen, and Melora for showing us we can bend into ridiculous poses, and Susan for exhibiting more patience than all saints combined as we bring her “just one more knitting question,” and last but certainly not least Mary Alice, for rubbing out all those kinks we get from knitting hunched over our lace projects. ALL Y’ALL ROCK!

But of course it wouldn’t be a retreat without the attendees, so THANKS ALL OF YOU WHO JOINED US this year from all across the country. Great seeing you repeat offenders and lovely meeting you newcomers. I hope every one of you will be back next year, and that you’ll bring a friend.

As for the daily report—well today I dragged my behind out of the sack pre-Tony Orlando and Dawn because I promised to lead any interested troops up to BURNT HEAD to see the sunrise. It was a frigid forty degrees when we headed out at 5:40 am, but a small group of us hustled on up and huddled our masses and watched the bruisy sky turn from plum to peach to WOW.  The night before, I'd told a number of folks about how important this particular trek is for me every year, as it reminds me of my friend ISABEL, whom I met on the island, whom I knew not nearly long enough before she passed suddenly, and who changed my life forever with her big heart, long view, and love of the sunrise. (If you want to read more about my friendship with Isabel, you can click this link.)

After taking in the breathtaking sunrise, I made haste hoping to get back in bed and into a deep sleep but no such luck. As I’d tossed and turned much of the night, worried I would sleep through the alarm and not keep my sunrise promise, now again I tossed and turned. This time the syndrome was FMS‘FRAID O’ MISSIN’ SOMETHING—and I just could not fall back to sleep for our last day on the island.

Though worn out and sleep-deprived, I valiantly worked my way through a mocha chocolate chip muffin and fifteen cups of coffee. Then I spirited myself back up the five hundred steps to my little writing garret to spend a bit of time just enjoying the heck out of that room with the tiny bed under the angled eave. How I'll miss it when we leave.

With HOLDEN’S HELP I slightly rearranged the schedule. That Holden, there is nothing he won’t do for us. Noting our scheduled outdoor lobster dinner was going to included frozen toes if we didn’t move it up, he convinced me to convince everyone else that forgoing pre-dinner yoga for wine and drawn butter slathered over crimson crustaceans was a very good idea. I received no protests.

First though, we took BALMY DAYS on a tour around the island, saw some seals out sunning on and playing near some rocks, and then spotted two more BALD EAGLES. (Note to self: must now make THREE HATS for all the bald eagles spotted on this trip. No, no, not SPOTTED BALD EACLES—Birdman can probably attest that those are mythical. Just SPOTTED as in SAW WITH MY BALD EYES. Oh no, did I say BALD EYES? Now do I have to make EYE HATS? I am NEVER GOING TO FINISH MY LACE PROJECT if this keeps up.)

After the boat tour, we carbed up for dinner by stuffing our faces with a sort of GREATEST HITS collection of snacks we’d had earlier in the week during tea time: OREO TRUFFLES and CZECH WEDDING COOKIES and BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKES. The list goes on. It was so comforting to have these health-filled calories to hold the space whilst we waited to be called to supper over at Sue and Holden’s place.

Their back yard is, essentially THE SUNSET. And so it was to another lovely sinking disc that we ate at picnic tables (I had the risotto – no lobster for me), and Eva and I busied ourselves doing photo interpretations of AMERICAN GOTHIC and CHRISTINA’S WORLD.

Then home again home again jiggity jig to watch the slide show. As threatened, Birdman popped by to bid us a warm here’s-your-hat-what’s-your-hurry adieu. Because no sooner do we shove off in the morning than his flock, aka TEAM TWITCHER, takes over our rooms in the MONHEGAN HOUSE. We sang Birdman a nice song. I’m sure he won’t soon forget us.

The talent show was nearly a wash, though we did have one brave PRETEND BAND get up and demonstrate with a little hip swiveling what their concept was all about. Yes, it was related to knitting. Of course it was. Maybe by this time next year they will have their first record out.

Before I wrap this post up and go sleep my last night on the island for 2014, and hope that Tilley doesn’t sneak into my room (I left the window cracked so I could listen to the ocean), a little bit of housekeeping: I will post another post sometime over the weekend or by the middle of next week. Like most of you, I have a bit of traveling in front of me before I arrive back on my own home planet. But trust me, there will be more words and images about this journey as soon as I work my way back to my trusty keyboard. Also Lisa will put the slideshow on YouTube—she’ll let you know when that’s up. And if you’ll give me a few days to get home and get settled down, I’d be glad to send you a bunch of my photos via Dropbox.

Safe travels y’all. I had so much fun knitting and stretching and hiking and eating cake with you. Hope to see you next year. Oh, and keep scrolling-- a few more pics below.