Wednesday, May 31, 2017



What a wonderful week we had in New Mexico.  The weather was perfection, the sights, day trips, and landscape could not have been lovelier.  Thank you to all who attended, it was such a pleasure to host you in the Land of Enchantment.

Read about our trip below!  See our full photo album on Instagram @KnittingYogi

There's more! Monhegan Island, Maine is coming in September and there is still room for those who want to venture out with us to yet another enchanting landscape.  Monhegan Island is filled with sparkling sunlight, art and beautiful vistas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Here we will hike, dine on splendid lobsters and knit on the porch in the soft warm air in the day and bundle up by the wood stove on the cool nights.

We have the pleasure of welcoming Beth Brown-Reinsel as our Guest Designer on Monhegan Island this year.  Beth has an extensive knowledge of historic knitting styles from all around the globe which she will be sharing with us in September. Fresh from her latest adventure to Australia she'll have lots to share with us!

I hope we see you there!

New Mexico 2017 Adventure

We had an amazing week in the great Southwest touring fiber producers, greeting double horned Churro sheep, learning about spinning, dying, weaving and knitting with the amazing Norah Gaughan.

Each day began with a morning filled with knitting learning new techniques and working with the beautiful Churro wools from Tierra Wools in Los Ojo, New Mexico.  We set out on Monday to see where our wool was produced. The tiny town of Los Ojos had everyone fooled by its old craggy appearance.  But when the doors to Tierra Wools opened it was as if we'd stepped into a Technicolor rainbow!

Weaving Southwest was another fiber highlight as we were hosted by Teresa, granddaughter to the amazing Rachel Brown who played a key role in preserving and protecting the historic Churro sheep and the weaving culture of Northern New Mexico.

Other days were spent soaking and being massaged at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, visiting Taos Pueblo and the Sanctuario de Chimayo.

But one of the most memorable highlights of our week was our day spent in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keefe.  Stepping into her Abiquiu home and studio and getting into the landscape of Ghost Ranch where so many of her paintings were conceived and painted was an experience not to be forgotten.  

This was one for the books, every day was like magic.  And at the end of each day we dined on New Mexican cuisine before snuggling into our casitas at the Abiquiu Inn.  I hope you can join us next time.  Stay tuned as details emerge about the next time we visit New Mexico.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

September in Maine 

There's still time to enjoy the dream.




Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Mexico holds a special appeal for me, ...                                     

                                                                                                ~Norah Gaughan

Los Ojos, New Mexico

...even beyond the promise of sunshine and warmth after a New England winter. I long to see the desert landscape so inspiring to Georgia O'Keefe. 

I'm fascinated by Native American Pueblos and look forward to walking amidst the charming architecture of Santa Fe. In fact, I'm feeling a bit more relaxed just thinking about our upcoming trip.  

I'm excited about the workshop time, too. We have 6 knitting sessions over the week, which allows enough time to actually complete a project. 

Navajo-Churro sheep, a breed dating back to the 16th Century,
The first breed of domesticated sheep in the New World.

Tierra Wool's Churro comes from the Navajo-Churro sheep, and is provided by local sheep ranch Shepherd’s Lamb. 

The yarn is dyed in a lovely 
array of colors and my plan is 
to split the hanks so we can 
mix and match 
to suit our sensibilities. 

I am dreaming up a bag, using multiple techniques and knit with New Mexico native Churro wool. 
I also want to dabble in some fun techniques to finish the bags, like twisted cord and multicolor pompoms. My sample yarn arrived a few weeks ago. 

My swatch below shows a couple of the ideas I like a lot and will be sharing, but I am just getting started!

See you soon!


*photo credits to Tierra Wools and Norah Gaughan

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year, Everyone!  

     Today is a special new day that always feels like a fresh start to me. And while it is only one day past that dreadful last year I'm already feeling so much brighter and more hopeful for a new beginning.

     Today is also that special day when Registration Opens for all of the K&YA 2017 Adventures! 

     We have a great year planned with Norah Gaughan, Beth Brown-Reinsel, and Julia Farwell-Clay.  Plus a new adventure to New Mexico!
Check it all out here.

     Best wishes for a wonderful 2017 to all of you and your families!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Land of Enchantment

 It's not just a dream anymore.

This time of year, after the first hectic dose of the holiday season my thoughts begin to wander...  

New Mexico is a dream come true on

May 20 -27, 2017. 

Imagine spending seven glorious days and nights deep in the heart of the high desert of northern New Mexico.   Every day we will be exploring Santa Fe, Abiquiu and Taos absorbing the magical atmosphere, the light, culture and fine cuisine that can only be found in the Land of Enchantment.  

There is only one thing that could make this trip even better.  (Make that two things.)  

Norah Gaughan and Open Registration.  

That's right, we'll have Norah Gaughan all to ourselves for the entire week exploring the unique ancient fibers of the Southwest.  And while registration for all the other 2017 retreats opens as usual on January 1st, May comes quickly so New Mexico Registration is open today! 

We have an impressive lineup of Guest Instructors this year:

I invite you to go online, read through the pages and see what's happening in 2017.  Its going to be a great year no matter which trip you chose to attend.

I hope to see you in 2017!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The K&YA MarketPlace

I love giving gifts, especially surprising little unexpected ones... 

 Many of you who have attended a Knitting & Yoga Adventures retreats have enjoyed receiving the little gift bags.

Over the years I have conducted my own informal survey of what gifts elicit excited 'oohs and ahhs' and which ones are received with just a 'meh.'  Its been interesting...

Chocolate is always a hit.

Bottled water has always been surprisingly appreciated (accompanied by a trail map).

And who knew how excited everyone would be when they received a little plastic Dollar Store flashlight one year on Monhegan Island?

The gift that fell the flattest?  Knitting gadgets. I should have known I could never impress a group of knitter's who clearly have every knitting doodad known to mankind.

By far the most exciting gifts I have ever given have been handmade items from either my own studio or from that of an artist friend.  Which gave me an idea.

As a studio artist I have a special place in my heart for supporting the work of artists and craftspeople particularly in Maine and New England.  It has become my mission to provide not just 'swag' but thoughtful, well-made and often one-of-a-kind gifts that may not necessarily be knitting related but are beautiful.  So why not support these artists by making their work available through Knitting & Yoga Adventures all the time?

Introducing Knit Maine: The K&YA MarketPlace.  

Here you'll find work not just from my studio but by other K&YA staffers you have grown to know and love.
Like our own Holly Hofman, who leads our yoga classes in Quechee, Vermont.  Holly creates stunning jewelry of silver and resin inlay.
Or handmade leather books by DSKI Designs in Brandon, Vermont who made the lovely small leather bound books that were a mainstay for our 2016 gift bags.

     Perhaps you'd like to add a second mug to your collection or find the perfect pin to go with Bristol Ivy's shawl project?  Visit the page online through the Knitting and Yoga Adventures website and make your purchase through a Paypal link.  Its that simple and the artists and craftspeople will be thrilled and most of all supported by you.



Monday, August 1, 2016

'Twenty three years ago I found yoga...'

This month we hear from Melora Gregory, our esteemed Monhegan Island yoga instructor.  Melora has delighted us with her lovely spirit and easy smile for years and for a moment we can peak into her life and hear a little of what she brings to us every September on Monhegan Island.

'...and within a year began teaching it. Back then there were only 5 other yoga teachers in Portland Maine, and only 3 yoga studios. Now there are over a hundred teachers, many studios, and even teacher trainings. We’ve come a long way yogis!

I am grateful to have studied with many wonderful master yoga teachers, of different styles, and have developed a teaching style that offers what I like best from my experience. I generally pick a theme to weave through the postures, warmup with a gentle flow, sequence thoughtfully so that we effortlessly find ourselves in a target posture, then restore balance and ease through a supported relaxation and inversion practice. Often ending with selected inspiring readings. I love the ‘why’ of what we are doing and share the benefits, or the anatomy reasons for certain things as we go along.

Grandfathered into becoming a registered instructor with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 in 2002, I continue my studies and keep my E-RYT in good standing. This Summer I will be taking a 3 day retreat with a foremost teacher of the Sacred Feminine, Sally Kempton, focusing our practice around some of the Goddesses of Hindu Mythology.

In 2003 I found another passion,Yamuna Body Rolling®. This self administered bodywork achieves the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, bone stimulation and creation of space in the joints! I travelled to New York city in 2009 to certify in Yamuna Body Rolling® Level ll and then began teaching this modality to a rapidly expanding student base in Maine. This inspired me to continue my training in the YBR Foot Fitness series in 2011, and the YBR In Bed series in 2012, which I took with the founder of the practice, Yamuna Zake. 

Yamuna Body Rolling® uses patented balls of various sizes and densities to knead out body tension. The balls provide direct bone density stimulation, elongation and alignment of muscles, immediate feedback of where we are stuck, and a feeling of spaciousness in our joints. The many, simple, yet powerful routines release tension, break up adhesions, and energize all areas of the body.   An ideal practice for everyone, at all fitness levels, for dramatic and immediate results.  

It has been my pleasure to follow my passion for teaching yoga and now also,Yamuna Body Rolling, full-time. I have been asked to be the yoga teacher for many week-long retreats to beautiful places. I have taught yoga at castles in Italy, on beaches in Costa Rica, in the jungle of Belize, and on Maine's own Monhegan Island.

Our next Monhegan Island trip is on the horizon, September 18-24, and I will teach a morning flow yoga and an afternoon restorative practice, and will be available for private sessions and will bring some of the Yamuna Body Rolling® balls for use and purchase. Now my 7th or 8th time on this retreat, I look forward to the isolation and ruggedness of remote Maine Island life, the extreme beauty of the rocky cliffs and massive sea filled with seals and sea birds and the wonderful friends I meet and the laughter that we share! 

I am currently teaching weekly classes at Bridge Studio at Art of Awareness in South Portland, UNE, and IDEXX. I also give workshops at various yoga studios around the Greater Portland Area and teach private lessons which are geared towards addressing each individuals' specific concerns. To find more about my classes go to
Hope to see you soon!