Monday, February 14, 2011

Quechee, Vermont Adventure November 10-13, 2011

Hey Y'all,
Spike here. For those of you new to our blog and to Knitting and Yoga Adventures-- welcome, I'm the team blogger. For all you regulars, you already know who I am and, to answer the question that I'm sure is burning for you, YES I am currently wearing every single thing I've ever knitted and no I don't think these items clash with each other. In fact, I'm looking forward to demonstrating just how fashionable I (still) am during the next weeklong Monhegan Island Retreat in September AND... oh yes... the new addition to the retreat menu: a long weekend retreat-- November 11 - 13-- in Quechee, Vermont. My goal is to knit at least six more sweaters between now and Vermont so that I can layer them simultaneously, sort of like I'm a Russian nesting doll.

Lisa and I have been chatting a lot lately, and we've come up with a plan to stay in more frequent touch with y'all. Hopefully by now you've seen the beautiful new website. We've also got a fan page at Facebook, and you can follow us on Twitter. We're in the process of revamping our Ravelry page and as soon as we have that taken care of, I'll let you know so you can stay in touch that way, too. And, one more thing-- my favorite part: I'm going to start posting regularly here at the blog. I'll mention on FB whenever a new post goes up and, of course, you are also welcome to subscribe.

This is my dog Rebound modeling some handspun from New Zealand.

Now if that's not enough ways to keep up with us, well, just give me a couple of more weeks and I'll have my fleet of courier pigeons trained and ready to fly out to your individual homes and drop off notes.

I'd really like to hear from y'all-- what you're knitting, if you're going to be at one or both retreats, and any other news you'd like to share. You can email me stories and pictures at

More real soon,

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