Saturday, July 7, 2018

Event Season

Thesis Subject: List Making

Many people are puzzled by the seeming disparity of the work I do, event planning vs working with clay. I would have to agree, one is tedious and stressful and the other quiet and peaceful. Both strive for a similar end result which is the appearance of ease and peace, but which one?  The longer I do this work the more I realize they are foils for each other. will be posting a profile of me and my work on Tuesday this coming week. Take a look here, and then tell me in September if you agree!

Boy, are we ever underway! There are only 10 places remaining, so please tell your knitting friends and send them this way

Much to my delight, workshop space has been holding strong and with few exceptions everyone has been getting into their first and second choices. 

Exciting notes... we have a phenomenal list of Guest Presenters each evening: Katharine Cobey, Norah Gaughan, Peter Hagerty, Julia Farwell-Clay, and Gale Zucker

(Peter Hagerty of Peace Fleece, now one of Harrisville Designs beautiful lines, will be reading from his new book and discussing his recent visit to New Mexico)

Also, we will have yoga each morning out on the decks with Melora Gregory and Holly Hofman!  Our beloved yoga instructors from Monhegan Island and Quechee, Vermont.  

Knit Maine was toasted on the patio of the Abiquiu Inn in June

We had a spectacular time in New Mexico last month! We daytripped our way through northern New Mexico visiting ranchers, dyers, massage therapists, and artisans. We ate so much and stuffed our suitcases with goodies never slowing down building our stashes with beautiful churro and rambouillet wools, jewelry and artwork. The weather could not have been lovelier, though some rain would have been very welcome. New Mexico is suffering from a terrible drought right now. 

Our group was sweet and kind, eager to explore and I miss them so much! Enjoy a few photos below that cannot possibly show the wonderful-ness of our week together.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon this September. Until then, keep reading about all the K&YA retreats right here and stay in touch.                     

Santa Fe

Knitting inspiration in the Abiquiu Inn gallery

Toni and her indigo dying
O'Keefe Country

Ghost Ranch and Pedernal
One of our projects

Our last day together

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