Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wintery Contemplation of the Year to Come

February is my favorite month.  

It's my birthday month so naturally it's a little more special to me.  Mostly it lends itself to quiet contemplation.  The landscape plays a big role in this, the crunching snow and blocks of sea ice rising and falling on the marshes I drive by everyday set the tone to turn inward.  This is also the time when I look over my calendar for the year and think about what I want to accomplish and how I want to spend my time.

I just returned from a weeklong conference in Bennington, Vermont called the North Country Studio Workshop where I was delighted to see some familiar faces from K&YA retreats.  It's such a great thing to try new things and stretch your creative muscles.  This is what I hope others will do in attending a K&YA retreat.

One aspect of my contemplation is much like how I approach planning retreats.  I begin with the seasons, family events and work my way down to the smallest of details. How it will feel to sit in the sun on the deck overlooking Penobscot Bay or walk around the alpaca ranch in Northern New Mexico in June?  When will we be 'on the go' and when will we rest, knit and visit?  Balance is the operative word here.

I invite you to think of your upcoming year and hope that you consider spending some of it with us. In New Mexico it will be experiencing a culture and fiber so unique and unusual right in our own backyard.  In Maine, Haystack will offer the chance to live on campus with knitting icons, learn new techniques among friends, even the opportunity to turn your craft into a life-supporting career if you are so inclined.  Through studies in gauge, pattern writing, tech editing one could change the direction of their craft and step up to a greater challenge.

Here is a link to the workshop offerings in September.  No matter your skill level, there are sessions for you here.


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