Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The K&YA MarketPlace

I love giving gifts, especially surprising little unexpected ones... 

 Many of you who have attended a Knitting & Yoga Adventures retreats have enjoyed receiving the little gift bags.

Over the years I have conducted my own informal survey of what gifts elicit excited 'oohs and ahhs' and which ones are received with just a 'meh.'  Its been interesting...

Chocolate is always a hit.

Bottled water has always been surprisingly appreciated (accompanied by a trail map).

And who knew how excited everyone would be when they received a little plastic Dollar Store flashlight one year on Monhegan Island?

The gift that fell the flattest?  Knitting gadgets. I should have known I could never impress a group of knitter's who clearly have every knitting doodad known to mankind.

By far the most exciting gifts I have ever given have been handmade items from either my own studio or from that of an artist friend.  Which gave me an idea.

As a studio artist I have a special place in my heart for supporting the work of artists and craftspeople particularly in Maine and New England.  It has become my mission to provide not just 'swag' but thoughtful, well-made and often one-of-a-kind gifts that may not necessarily be knitting related but are beautiful.  So why not support these artists by making their work available through Knitting & Yoga Adventures all the time?

Introducing Knit Maine: The K&YA MarketPlace.  

Here you'll find work not just from my studio but by other K&YA staffers you have grown to know and love.
Like our own Holly Hofman, who leads our yoga classes in Quechee, Vermont.  Holly creates stunning jewelry of silver and resin inlay.
Or handmade leather books by DSKI Designs in Brandon, Vermont who made the lovely small leather bound books that were a mainstay for our 2016 gift bags.

     Perhaps you'd like to add a second mug to your collection or find the perfect pin to go with Bristol Ivy's shawl project?  Visit the page online through the Knitting and Yoga Adventures website and make your purchase through a Paypal link.  Its that simple and the artists and craftspeople will be thrilled and most of all supported by you.



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