Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Knits & Retreat Dreams

Hi Y'all,
Well so far down in Texas we haven't had a whole lot of winter. But it's gotten chilly enough some days for me to do my famous routine of applying as many hand knits as I can get away with and parading around town, hoping people will ask my if I made this or that. Happily many folks indulge me in this. And Austin, despite the fact our summer is about ten months long, is full of knitters.

I did get some real winter in December when I scooted over to Portland, Oregon for a few days in December. My friends took me on a day trip to Hood River and, despite my vow to stop growing my stash (for a little while anyway) I couldn't resist popping into Knot Another Hat. I saw an irresistible pair of hand warmers and grabbed the pattern and some Rowan Finest yarn to make them. They're pretty long and, as you can see, very stripy, with stripes that start out in rounds of five, then four, three, two, one. The thumb gusset is super easy. I can tell this is a pattern I will use often.

As I was checking out, the cashier swore she knew me. I said I'd not been to Hood River before, but mentioned this blog. She thought maybe that was it and we got to talking and I told her about the Monhegan Island Retreat and she said a couple of her regulars had been to the island with Lisa. That's just another thing I love about the Knitting and Yoga Adventures-- folks come in from all over the place to partake.

In other news, I was picking up my mail the other day and I found a package slip for a mystery package from a return address I did not recognize. I tore it open and inside found a couple of amazing skeins of super chunky wool from Wales, sent by a woman in London. She knew me through my writing and decided to surprise me with a gift. I was blown away by the kindness. I told her her timing had been excellent-- I was feeling a bit down-- and also that her color choice was perfect. You can see all the pinks in that wool. As I told her, I'm not usually drawn to pinks EXCEPT times I'm feeling a need for a bit of growth. Which I am now. I'm whipping through this scarf which should be done in a day or two. A good reminder to not only keep a couple of projects going, but to really vary needle size. The hand warmers aren't at all hard, but they are on size 2.5, so they're taking awhile. The pink scarf is totally TV knitting.

I'm guessing y'all get surprise and mystery knit-related gifts, too. Would love to hear about those and any projects you're working on. Also would love to hear that you are coming along on Knitting and Yoga Adventure's  Monhegan Island Retreat in September  and/or our April and November Quechee Vermont Retreats. 

Hope you're warm and knitting away wherever you are!

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