Friday, November 20, 2015

Knitting and Yoga Adventures Vermont 2015 Was Smashing

Hey Y'all!
Well I'm green with retroactive envy upon seeing the pictures from this year's Knitting and Yoga Adventure's retreat to Quechee, Vermont. This is the tenth anniversary year for KY&A, it's the 18th retreat Lisa has hosted, and this was the fifth trip to Vermont. 

Designer Rachel Kahn was on board for the long weekend. She got the gang going on knitting super fancy hats using Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair yarn. As ever the group stayed at the Quechee Inn where uninterrupted constant knitting was encouraged. Not that a roomful of dedicated knitters really needs to be encouraged to keep the needles clicking.

Look at these hats! 
Delicious snacks.
But of course even the most passionate knitter must stop and refuel. Toward that end there were snacks. Really really delicious snacks. There were also trips to Grandview Farm and Snowshoe Farm to visit the source of excellent fibers. To wit:

Now it's time to settle into a long winter's knit while visions of next year's retreats dance through your head. There's plenty to dream about. In 2016 there will be TWO trips to Vermont-- a long weekend in Spring and one in Fall. For the Spring Retreat (April 7 - 10) we've got designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton joining us. And for the Fall Retreat (November 3-6) Bristol Ivy will be on board. 

Soon we'll let you know more about the Monhegan Island 2016 Retreat. 

Registration for all three Knitting and Yoga Adventures opens on January 1st. So set an alert and make your first (and best) New Year Resolution to sign up for a retreat. Or three.

Here are a few more pictures of our excellent Vermont adventure.
Happy Knitting,

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