Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monhegan Island 2015 Episode Two

Greetings Once Again from Monhegan Island,

So every time I put on my headlamp, I remember the year I first brought one, and everyone made fun of me, and then the next year THEY all had headlamps. That's the thing about headlamps. They aren't much of a fashion statement but they sure help navigating these unlit dirt roads at night. And, of course, they allow you to knit under the blankets, like a kid reading books by flashlight at camp. And what is this week on this island if not camp for grownups? 

My iphone has a ridiculous 128G capacity and of that I'm guessing 120G is consumed by photos and of that I'm guessing 119.5 is consumed by photos of foliage and clouds on and above the island. I just want to crawl into this flower.

And then I want to float upon these clouds. But of course once in awhile we have to come inside. For good cause. KNITTING CLASSES. As I mentioned, this years Rock Star teacher is Norah Gaughan, Queen of the Cables. For her first class yesterday she gave a slide presentation of some of her designs, and also told us about her art influences, which go back to her very creative parents raising her to think artistically.

Exhausted from looking at all those stunning cable designs, we stopped to reboot before actually diving into knitting. Here's what the kitchen staff sent us. OMG.

Back in the classroom, everyone got cracking on swatches in preparation for a couple of cable projects Norah has lined up for us.

Every year I have to not exactly apologize but at least acknowledge that most of the photos I take are not of everyone's smiling faces, because everyone is always looking down at their work. For knitters, that face is the equivalent of smiling.

Tilley sneaked in, as Tilley is forever wont to do. And I had to gently put Tilley out over the protests of everyone, especially the newcomers who do not know the sneaky ways of Tilley and how he loves to manipulate the crowd. 
Kat Models one of Norah's Designs.
Here's a picture from later in the afternoon when I headed out for a little solo walk. Even though technically I see the same houses and similar gardens every year, the light changes so dramatically from hour to hour, and the clouds are always putting on a show, so it is always something new.

Panorama Shot from the Lighthouse

We have plenty of informal knitting time in the parlors where we get to ogle, admire and envy others' projects and skill sets. Liz blew me away with this Double Knit scarf she is patiently working as I continue to struggle with my garter only shawl.

As Ever Eva is Our In-House Hand Model 
Mary Alice Won the Most Adorable Contest Already and We're Only Three Days In. STUD PUFFIN!

More amazing things happened at dinner. Here, see for yourself:

Post-dinner more informal knitting. Eva whipped this out and I almost had to make out with the alpaca in the picture. SO CUTE!!!

Mornings up at the staff house Susan and Norah and Melora and I gear up with some pre-game knitting and tons of caffeine.

My Morning Walk from Staff House to Monhegan House

Here, Norah and I engage in a vigorous game of Battleship before heading out for a hike. 
I will have more pictures and reports very soon. 

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