Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monhegan Island 2015 Episode Three!

Yes that's right. We had another day in Paradise! Mary Alice showed up ready and raring to go in her lobster sneakers. I can't be certain but I'm thinking these might be one of a kind. Everyone else wore relatively normal hiking shoes for the Tuesday morning adventure with Birdman, who took aspiring birders around the island to check out the gazillion types of birds that also enjoy time on the island.

Lisa took this excellent photo of a Yellow Headed Blackbird, which apparently is not supposed to fly this far east. But I guess it heard about Holden's hospitality and couldn't resist.

I confess I did not go on the bird walk, not out of lack of desire but somebody has to (wo)man the keyboard and document all the amazing stuff going on here. I did manage to squeeze in a walk out to White Head and the view was glorious.

I proceeded to make the view even more glorious by adding in some knitting. I am THIS close to finishing my Color Affection Shawl. I only have a few more rows to go, then I can bind off the eighty billion stitches. Maybe I'll finish it in time for the ferry ride back to the mainland.

I also got my own accidental birdwatching surprise when this guy decided to land about three feet from me. He hung out for a LONG time and I took a million pictures, but I'll share just this one. It was incredible how close he was. I was so focused on him that I didn't realize a group of hikers had gathered behind me. Then some dude man-splained to me that seagulls have very sharp beaks. Um, really? I just said thank you and did not tell him I spent my entire young life growing up in the vicinity of seagulls. I know some folks consider them rodents of the bird world. Not me. I love them.

For lunch I went over to the mall aka The Black Duck, and had a ginger apricot scone and a latte served up in my favorite mug. I love hanging out at the mall and writing letters home, which I can then mail from the adjacent post office, provided I show up during a random hour that the PO is actually open. Took me a couple of tries, but I did manage to post a couple of cards.

Tuesday is Farmers Market Day. On the down side, they did not think to adjust their schedule, so the market fell at precisely the same time as knitting class. I sneaked out anyway and had a look.

Then I came back from the market and LO! These were waiting for me. I swear I only ate one.

Meanwhile, my comrades were busy casting on for the fancy cable projects Norah has us working on. Norah, having had a chance to assess my high energy and low patience gently suggested I go ahead and go for the cabled cowl project. I think what she means is that if I attempt the mittens I will cry. But I know a lot of Team Monhegan will try the mittens because we have some astonishingly gifted knitters among us.

Here Norah plays the role of game show presenter. 

This is Swatch Central. Yes, all of these are Norah's genius.

Mary Alice again. This time showing off more of her Puffin Passion collection.

I caught sunset down at Lobster Cove. I don't care how many sunsets I've seen on this island, EVERY ONE is a total treat. As ever, I gave the sun a standing ovation as it dipped down below the horizon. Meanwhile, back at Monhegan House, Holden very sweetly turned on the animatronic bird contraption causing these electronic birds to fly into the frame at just the right moment.

I turned in pretty early so that I could hole up in my cozy garret and look through the pattern book by Norah that we all got in our swag bags. Apparently the sweater I most like might also cause me to cry if I knit it. I still have a few days to convince Norah to make one for me. Wish me luck.

One bummer of staying in the staff house vs. staying in Monhegan House is that my fellow knitters do not get to see my excellent retreat-themed pajamas. Which, as you can see, totally rock.

I'd tell more, but it's about time to head over to Cathedral Woods to have a picnic and gush over the Fairy Houses. It is SO BEAUTIFUL HERE. An absolutely perfect day. Again. Yay Monhegan Island!

More soon,

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