Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monhegan Island 2015 Episode Four!

Wednesday was a busy day. Good busy I mean. After another fabulous breakfast we headed up to Cathedral Woods to check out Fairy Houses. When I was here in June it was relatively slim pickings. But clearly over the summer there was a big Fairy House Building Boom. So we had plenty to admire.

We got a little lost looking for Squeaker Cove. And by lost what I mean is that, yes, once again, we had our very unofficial tradition of getting confused by paths many of us (including me) have been on endless times over the years. But it's like the locals sneak out and magically change the directions of the roads or something. Or maybe I get hiking amnesia. Whatever the case, let's just say we took the long way. And also let's just say getting lost on Monhegan Island is like accidentally buying "too much" chocolate. Hardly a tragedy. Everywhere you walk, you find more beauty.

Yours truly at Squeaker Cove.

We stopped and chilled out at Squeaker Cove and ate delicious sandwiches from The Novelty.

On the way back I got all artsy and did this self-portrait which, as you can see, is creative, beautiful, and really shows off my gorgeous forehead. Down below is a Fairy House Rhonda spotted on the trek back. She also told me, at my request, all about how she uses her plane to rescue dogs. Which made me cry, but in a really good way. I meet SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE on these retreats. 

Speaking of amazing, here they are. The Power Twins: Eva & Suzette. They didn't even call each other to say, "Hey wear the same shirt!" It just happened. (Well okay, they are roommates. But still. What a coincidence!)

Norah continues to rock it in the classroom. Yesterday everyone was so spellbound by her design ideas that pretty much no one ate the treats during the session. My favorite part? That Teacher's Pet moment when she asked me to model the prototype design fabric. Dang! Look at me! I missed my calling.

Down below-- a picture of all the rapt attendees. We really are here to hike and do yoga and eat and bond among other things. But let's face it, what really gets everyone going is Needle Time.

Last night was Pizza Night and the nice folks at The Novelty prepared us a feast which included a salad so we could pretend to be eating a nice balanced meal. Whatever. I had three pieces. AND the ice cream.

As if the day couldn't get any better, wandering home from The Novelty I came upon this view:

That picture really captures so much of what Monhegan Island is about-- a small place that nonetheless offers constant, endless, ever-changing, incredible views. Sunsets, sunrises, dappled forest light, and, of course, all that yarn. How happy we all are to be here. How fortunate. 

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