Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dog Days of Knitting

Hey Y'all,
Well the big Knitting and Yoga Adventures Monhegan Island Retreat Countdown has officially begun, at least by my count. In less than a month I will gladly flee the triple-digit Texas heat and embrace the Atlantic breeze wafting in my window at The Monhegan House.

In the meanwhile, I've been knitting a little bit of this and that. I finished the Christmas in July Stocking I was working on. Alas it didn't quite match the pattern, so I've got some frogging in front of me. I'll get to that soon enough. And I will also finish that Color Affection Shawl which seems to be taking months to knock out. No complaints though-- the yarn is so soft and it's relatively mindless knitting.

Speaking of mindless knitting -- or maybe I should say mindful knitting since it is so meditative to just whip out a little project that is pattern-free-- today I took a trip to one of my local knit shops and indulged in a skein of Blue Sky Extra-- a combo of merino and baby alpaca. I'm making a quick hat for a friend. I hope to knock it out in a few days just to get the satisfying sense of finishing something. Also I'm grateful it won't make my lap sweat while I work on it.

I hope you've got some fun knitting projects going on. Those of you joining us on the island please do bring some projects to show and tell. Of course we'll be taking on some new projects, too, so no need to overpack. Although I, personally, will bring my entire collection of handknits in the hopes that it'll be cool enough to wear them all. At the same time.

See you soon!

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