Friday, February 27, 2015

Not Quite Spring Yet...

Hey Y'all,
Greetings from Austin, TX. It's been a little while since I introduced myself so in case we haven't met virtually or on a retreat, I'm Spike. That's not me above, that's me below. I help out Lisa with the Monhegan Island Retreat every year. I've been so many times I've actually lost count. And part of the reason for that, besides the fact I'm in my fifties and can't remember anything anymore, is because the island is SO relaxing I lose track of time when I'm there. Or maybe more accurately, it's ALWAYS knitting time. Except when it's hiking time. Or snack time. But if you're me, you just keep knitting through the hikes and the incredible food experiences. Pretty much the only time I'm not knitting on the island is when I'm sleeping or getting an amazing massage from Mary Alice.

I spend most of my time in Austin, my home. Though I travel often and visiting LYS around the world is the only hobby I have that's more expensive than building my stash. I've been to yarn shops in Canada, Argentina, France, Israel, Japan, England, and all over the US. And I'd love to hear the most interesting places you've gone to add to your stash.

Today in Austin it's raining and in the thirties which I think is what Lisa, who's up in Maine, refers to as "summer weather." But I am FREEEEEEEEEEEZING. A couple of posts ago I was talking about the sweater I've finally settled into knitting, dedicating myself to finishing it. Well I'm not done, which is too bad, because by the time I do finish it'll be in the triple digits here. On the other hand, probably goes without saying, but I have lots of other sweaters I've made (and socks and hand warmers and scarves and hats) to keep me warm, so I'll be just fine.

In my last post I delivered the news (don't glare at the messenger) that our 2105 Knitting and Yoga Vermont Retreat is SOLD OUT. But you can still get on the waiting list just click here. And we do still have some room for the 2015 Knitting and Yoga Monhegan Island Retreat, so if you want to join us, don't wait. SIGN UP HERE.

I hope you're warm wherever you are, and that the only storms you're experiencing are the ones you're knitting up.

Happy Almost Spring,

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