Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to Reality (Dreaming of Next Year)

And so it was, with great reluctance, we departed Monhegan Island. I looked out my top floor window to see the truck way below, loaded up with our luggage. I looked at the little flower in my little vase in my little room and I think I might've even kissed the wall and said, "Goodbye little room, I LOVE YOU," but maybe that was a pre-caffeine hallucination. Anyway, as it always is, it was sad for me to have to go. But then, I know I'll be back again. And I swear one of these years I'm just going to make Sue & Holden give me a waitress job for the summer

To help soothe the pain, we had a pleasantly smooth ride bak across on the Laura B. The way she was a-hoppin' and boppin' in the harbor on Monhegan side indicated we were in for a stomach tossing adventure. But the wind was at our backs, as if we were the protagonists in that old Irish blessing, and away we zipped across the sea.

Back in Port Clyde, we sifted through the mountain of suitcases, got it as sorted as we could, and then off to Sprague's for lobster rolls and crab rolls and very assertive seagulls. It's a good thing we stopped to eat because it'd been a solid two hours since we'd had our last gut-bustin' gourmet desayuno at Monhegan House. (The waitstaff accidentally brought me a bonus pistachio lime muffin which I hoarded in my bag and ate much later.)

Properly nourished (and then some) the caravan headed back to Portland where we stopped at TESS DESIGNER YARNS for some luxurious hand-dyed yarns. That place is sensory overload of the best kind. I limited myself to a pinch of cashmere and matching t-shirt/tote bag KNITTING IS SEXY combo. (I think I've worn that shirt every day since I got home.) I also fell in love with every sample in the place including a heavily-pink scarf done in TESS Kitten. Just looking at that picture I want to bust out my credit card and order a kit. I can still feel how soft it is.

While we were in TESS, we met Dr. Bob, whom Sallie and Karen work with. He's an ob/gyn who knits up little hats for all the babies he lends an assist to entering the world. And he posts pictures of all of them at his blog. I got weepy talking to him and I get weeping looking at HIS BLOG. What a guy.

Because you can never stop at enough yarn stores, we dropped into KnitWit, too, to say hello to Suzie the wonderful owner and get enough yarn to fill up every last ever lovin' nook and cranny in our suitcases. I got several patterns and was really amazed at how Szsie seems to have every pattern book memorized. Thank you, Suzie!

And then, at last, it really was time to say goodbye goodbye as we dropped off most folks at the airport. I went back to Lisa's to sleep for the night before heading over to Brooklyn to see my son for a few days. At Lisa's I was thinking, "Look, it's only 8 pm, I'll read the book I brought to read on the trip but failed to even glance at on the island." Haha. Yeah, right. I was totally crashed out before 10 pm and I slept a solid nine. Y'all wore me out. In the best way.

I'm excited for those of you who get to go on THE VERMONT TRIP. I'll be down here in Austin-- it's busy wedding season and I can't break away. But I'll be with you in spirit. I'm still working on my Half Pi Shawl, and by "working on" I mean finding new ways to mess up every day. But dagnabit I PERSIST and I just know that even though it will unlikely come close to resembling Susan's original design, hey, at least it'll keep me warm.

Thanks y'all for another great year on the island!
Hope you'll join us again next year for another KNITTING & YOGA ADVENTURE!

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