Friday, August 1, 2014

Six Weeks til Monhegan Island!

Hi Y'all,
Oh SO SOON we will be on Monhegan Island! I just can't wait. It's going to be great to see everyone. It's going to be great to wear some hand knit sweaters and socks and scarves and hats and hand warmers and leg warmers (yes, I make leg warmers). And it's going to be great to sit up on this bench and look out over the harbor. My happy place!

Oh, one other thing? It's going to be great to feel inspired to knit. Don't get me wrong-- I knit nearly every day of the year. But we have finally gotten our heat down here in Texas and so I'm knitting less often and not particularly fast. I started some purple alpaca socks last week. I think I will push myself to work on those more so they'll be ready for Monhegan Island. I still haven't started my sweater-- not yet totally settled on a pattern, though still contemplating that one I found in Rowan.

In the teach-a-woman-to-fish department, I was delighted to receive an email recently from my niece, Geena, whom I taught to knit maybe six or seven years ago? Now she's in college, studying engineering in upstate New York, and in her downtime she knits. Granted, she doesn't have a whole lot of downtime given how hard her classes are. But on the other hand, it gets coooooold up there, so that's a motivation to pick up the needles. Geena sent me pictures of all the hats she made last winter. Now she's picking back up the sweater I got her the yarn for years ago. We're both excited. I've lost track of how many people I've taught to knit, but I think it's well over one hundred. It'll be nice to be in the student's chair on the island, sitting back and letting Susan do the driving and teach us new techniques

Can't wait! See you soon!

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