Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Knitting Through the Dog Days

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer Knitting. Pictured above is my Boston Terrier Rebound. I made her pose on top of the grandfather clock sock I've been knitting forever (as you can see she did not put up a fight). I wanted to capture the scale of this project. It just never ends. My fault as I put it down frequently. Knitting a hat in the round is one thing. Knitting a nearly seven-foot long tube is quite another. And the hotter it gets down here in Texas (we hit 100 degrees for the first time this summer just yesterday-- amazing it took so long) the less inclined I am to pile this 900-ton project on my lap. And yet... I am determined to finish it soon, as my reward will be... drumroll...

Starting a new sweater! Which, yes, probably halfway through that, I'll be all, like, WHEN WILL THIS BE DONE? But mostly it's all fake complaining because I do so love the process and I love the finished project. Speaking of which, look! I finished the socks finally, just in time for the heat:

The sweater I'm starting on soon will involve Brooklyn Tweed yarn. LOFT to be specific, a great fingering weight that is truly a pleasure to work with. I got a BT pattern to go with the yarn, but once I looked at how long it was and how complicated it seemed to my eyes, I decided to try to find something simpler. For the moment I am considering this pattern, only without the Fair Isle part, just the design and shape:

It's super cute, isn't it? Of course being over at the Rowan site, I was overtaken by certain weakness. I had purposefully not renewed my subscription this year, simply because I have a massive pile of old Rowan mags, and I am at a time in my life where I hope to de-cumulate, not accumulate. But I just could not resist when I was there, so I renewed, my rationale being that Rowan mags totally deliver and are well worth the cost. I don't think I've ever used a single pattern in one of the magazines, but I always, always, always feel better just holding a copy in my hands and looking at all the gorgeous pictures. Here's the cover for the latest edition:

It'll be arriving any day now, along with the gift Rowan sends to subscribers. I got a hat/handwarmer kit that includes yarn and patterns. I can't wait. But I'll have to wait. Because dagnabit I WILL finish that grandfather clock sock and the sweater I am so hungry to crank out.

I hope y'all are staying cool and knitting hard. Just two months til we meet on Monhegan Island for Knitting and Yoga Adventures annual wonderful fest. Yay!


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