Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Greetings from Monhegan Island!

Hello From Monhegan Island!
No, you didn't miss the trip-- that's in September just like we told you. But I have come to love Monhegan Island so much that I take an extra trip here each year and bring a bunch of writers with me. We are having such an amazing time. The weather is perfect. Holden is, as ever, his fabulous Holden self. The food is fantastic. And the sunsets just cannot be beat.

Even though technically I'm here this week to be working on a book-- which I am, I swear-- I'm still finding time to knit. I am working on some socks for me, me, me now that I finished the baby blanket and the horsey hats I was telling y'all about in recent posts. Below is a picture of the sisters I've been knitting for forever. I finally delivered their horse hats and they are so psyched they don't even care that it's in the 90s in Austin-- they are wearing those hats! Thank you girls!

And below is a picture of my new grand nephew, Parker. He arrived before I finished the Chevron blanket I knitted for him out of Blue Sky cotton and some wild Noro bumpy stuff. But I knocked out the last few rows pretty quickly-- as you can see the blanket still fits him just fine. (He's the one on the left, in case you were wondering.)

And speaking of family members... today I finally got to meet Susan Mills' beautiful daughter Mackenzie. She's on Monhegan Island for the summer working at the Monhegan House and the Novelty, the great pizza and ice cream joint behind (and owned by) Monhegan House. I'm pretty sure she'll still be here when y'all arrive in September, so you'll get to meet her, too, as well as learn cool knitting tricks from her amazing mom. 

I hope wherever you are this summer that you're getting in a lot of knitting, a lot of relaxing, and plenty of gorgeous sunsets. Can't wait to see you on the island!

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