Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tis the (Shoulder) Season

Hey Y'all,
Well Memorial Day just passed, and so even if the calendar doesn't agree, it sort of is (un)officially summer. For those of you who travel to Monhegan Island from other parts of the country, you might not know that the very beginning of the season and the very end of the season are known as "shoulder season." I learned that term from Holden at the Monhegan House, where we'll be staying. Seems easy enough to decipher-- like it's the week or so on either side of the prime days of summer. Maybe there's another reason they call it that. I suggest we get Holden a wee bit tipsy and see if we can get him to tell us the long story behind the title, even if he has to make it up.

Meanwhile, here's a not-so-secret for you: I actually prefer shoulder season. The island isn't crowded, you can really spread out. And while it's entirely possible we'll have super warm and sunny weather, and get to wear our summer clothes, it's also entirely possible we'll get to wear our hand knit sweaters and hats and mittens and scarves and (in my case) eighties style leg warmers and bust out our umbrellas. Then there's a third possibility, known as All of the Above. I just love that about shoulder season-- really unpredictable but in the best sense of the word.

Those of you joining us on the Knitting and Yoga Retreat on Monhegan Island need not start packing yet. But Lisa, our fearless leader, and Susan Mills, who will be back teaching this year (YAY!), did do a little prep work recently. Up above, at the top, is Susan's beautiful daughter Mackenzie, who you might recognize as a model in knitting magazines. Susan and Lisa took Mackenzie to Port Clyde last weekend where she boarded the Laura B and headed over on the little ferry to work at Monhegan House for the summer. So you'll get to meet her.

While they were out that way, the talked about the project Susan is working up for us-- a Pi Shawl. Pi Shawls are SO fun to make, and rewarding, and even if you aren't a shawl person they look great as throws. They also popped by the Lobster Shack to do a little quality control check and I can assure you you will not be disappointed when we stop for lobster rolls.

We aren't quite at the 100 Day Countdown yet, but we sure are getting close. I'm going to go on a mission of my own in mid-June, and take a bunch of writers to the island. I'll report back with some pictures and all the exciting news I can cajole out of Holden. Until then, Happy Summer, Happy Shoulder Season!

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