Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great News! Susan Mills Returns to Monhegan Island with Us!

Hey Y'all,
Just five months to go before we head to Monhegan Island. Might seem like a long time, but trust me, we'll be there before you know it. I've got a tiny bit of bummer for you which I will then amply mitigate with a wonderful dose of fabulous. To wit:

Kristina McGowan, who was supposed to be our instructor for the Monhegan trip, had to suddenly pull out. Not to worry! Because SUSAN MILLS has agreed to return as our instructor this year. Susan has been on many trips with us before. She is the Creative Director for Classic Elite Yarns, she is an INCREDIBLE teacher, and she is kind enough to laugh at a good number of my jokes, even the bad ones. Also, as you can see, she is a ginger, so bonus points there. I have learned so much about knitting from Susan. She is a true Knit Guru for me. And she has also patiently helped me correct some super doozy mistakes I've made. Maybe when we all meet up I'll tell you the story of The Incident of the Ginormous Goat Sweater Sleeves. Boy did Susan rescue me that time.

We will be focusing some time and attention on the wonderful work of Elizabeth Zimmermann who, speaking of Knitting Gurus, is perhaps the Guru-est Knitting Guru of them all. She was like the Dalai Lama of Knitting. I made a Pi Shawl from her book The Knitters' Almanac and even though I made a mistake, she is such a good pattern writer that my mistake (which was totally mine and not EZ's) followed through and became AN ELEMENT OF DESIGN! (See below-- I'll bet you can spot the error since I mentioned it. But if I keep quiet about it, most people don't even see it.)

We have other great things planned for the trip including snacks. I have to always mention the snacks since Holden's chefs do such an incredible job with them. But now that I've mentioned them, I need to stop myself, or I'll start weeping with anticipation. 

I hope you're spring is going well and that those of you in the North are thawing out. Down here in Texas it's already pushing towards 90 degrees. But at least we had a little winter to the point that I was able to wear holes in all my hand knitted socks (are there any other kind?). So now I'm working on a new pair of socks. In my next post I'll show you a little hilarious project I just finished. And we'll check in with cool ways to share our knitting.

Until then,
Happy Knitting,

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