Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kicking In to Make Art Happen

Hey Y'all,
Lots to share with you this month. First, I want to let you know there are still openings for the second Vermont Retreat, which we added since the first one filled up so quickly. That trip is November 13 - 16th in Quechee, Vermont. We stay at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm and you can hike, stretch, and shop in addition to knitting. Or you can just cozy up to the fire and knit, knit, knit. This might just be my favorite thing about these trips-- flexibility to take it at your own pace. (That said, it's really impossible to name one favorite thing, given the amazing possibilities, the incredible food, the hilarious conversation, and all the rest of it.) Lynne Barr will be our guest teacher for this weekend. She has designed some really cool stuff-- check out her Ravelry Page. And if you want to join us on the trip, here's the REGISTRATION PAGE.

Pictured above is Alison. I met her years ago on a Knitting and Yoga Adventures trip to Monhegan Island. We've both been repeat attendees and we've got a friendship beyond the island, too. Alison's son, Richard, lives here in Austin, not far from me. He's got a super cool studio called Paleo Denim where he makes dungarees, one pair at a time. Alison and Richard's dad, Dick, were down to visit Richard recently and I got to tag along for a tour of his studio, which he opened thanks to a successful KickStarter campaign. Check it out:

Speaking of KickStarter, Lisa and I are both currently participating in active fundraising campaigns. Lisa is part of a group of artists in Portland, Maine, raising funds for the art studio Running With Scissors, which is comprised of more than fifty artists working across a broad range of mediums. Lisa creates stunningly beautiful ceramics. Other artists work in silkscreen, photography, and woodworking to name but a few of their disciplines. The space serves more than the artists-- it offers community to Portland at large. If you'd like to help by being a backer, you can check out the Running With Scissors Campaign.  Kicking in is a great way to be part of the community whether you live there or just visit.

As for my KickStarter Campaign-- I'm using my daily blog, Meditation Kicks Ass, as the basis for my next book. I'm raising funds to carve out writing time and self-publish. If you're reading this before April 2, 2014 and would like to kick in, you can just CLICK THIS LINK to check out more details. And yes, of course, I'll be writing about how knitting is a form of meditation for me. Here are two pictures from the trip to Monhegan last year, both of which I used at my blog, one co-starring Patty our fearless hiking leader, and the other co-starring Chris, a very funny guy we met there.

In addition to working on my KickStarter, yes of course I HAVE BEEN KNITTING. I finally finished a cowl that I made from yarn we got from Swans Island, where we stopped on the way back to Portland after Monhegan Island. The cowl is a knock-off of a GAP cowl. I got the pattern free at Ravelry. It's called GAP-tastic. Something about working this cowl changed my attitude toward seed stitching. I always love the way seed stitch looks but used to be annoyed at having to switch back and forth between knit and purl the whole time. Now, fifteen years into my knitting life, I am less suspicious of the purl stitch. Finally! Here's a silly picture I took. If any of you remember Land of the Lost, that ridiculous Saturday morning TV show from the 70s, you'll get the joke when I tell you I am calling this my Sleestak Cowl.

I hope y'all have lots of great knitting going on. Please remember to check out our regular website:
Knitting and Yoga Adventures to find out more information about the upcoming Monhegan Island Retreat and the additional Quechee, Vermont Retreat. We would so love to have you come away with us.

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