Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great News! Second Vermont Weekend Added

Hey Y'all,
Our first weekend Knitting and Yoga Adventures Retreat in Quechee, Vermont sold out so fast that we've added a second weekend! All the details are RIGHT HERE. Dates are November 13 - 16, 2014. And you can REGISTER AT THIS PAGE. Our guest teacher for the weekend will be Lynne Barr. You can see Lynne's designs at her Ravelry Page. She's a great teacher and author of several knitting books. Do sign up soon because it's likely this weekend will sell out, too.

Meanwhile there's still room if you want to attend the Monhegan Island Knitting and Yoga Adventures Retreat, September 14 - 20, 2014 in Maine. This year will be my one-gazillionth trip and I look forward to it so much every year. I can't emphasize enough what an amazing trip it is. Please do join us.

In other news I've spent the past month knitting for others. Sometimes I get selfish and knit just for me. But so far 2014 has been all about enjoying making others happy with my handiwork. A friend of mine told me he really missed the dishcloths his mom used to knit him. He has a couple that are falling apart. I had him give me one so I could make him replacements. He supplied me with her needles, too, so I used those-- a nice touch and a real honor to get to use those beloved needles.

A friend of mine on the West Coast is undergoing chemo, so I made her a silly cat hat to keep her head warm. I used Malabrigo, which is SO excellent to work with.

And then, for a treat for me, I went and got a knitting themed tattoo, which I do say turned out GREAT. Check it out. Can't wait to show y'all in person. 

Enjoy these last few weeks to wear your heavy woolens and have fun planning out those Spring projects. Can't believe it's almost time for the flowers to bloom.

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