Sunday, August 25, 2013

Traveling & Knitting-- Does It Get Any Better Than That? NO!

Hi Y'all!
I'm posting this on August 25th, which means we have just three weeks to go before Knitting & Yoga Adventures Monhegan Island 2013 trip! I just cannot wait! Traveling and knitting are both on my list of Top Favorite Things to Do so anything that combines the two is super fine by me.

Toward that end, I just got back from an almost-two-week trip to England where I did what I always do in a place that's new to me. I sought out knit shops and local wool. And also I knitted on the trains. Here are some pictures:

Above is a picture taken in a pub-- no I wasn't drinking beer, just hot chocolate. It was chilly and raining out, the perfect weather for knitting. I was knocking out a pair of socks to thank one of my dog sitters back home for facilitating my travel.

I spotted this basket of Alchemy Yarns at LOOP, a high-end shop in London. My friend Gina Wilde is the genius behind Alchemy. I suggest liking her FB page-- she often does great giveaways. 

Here I am standing in front of LOOP clutching my new LOOP bag. I asked how I might buy the bag and they said it's "free," just spend X number of pounds. I don't even remember what X equalled, just that it was no problem reaching that goal.

Here I am at the Rowan display at Liberty London, a posh department store on Regent Street. I am wearing a cabled hat I made from a kit that was my gift for subscribing to Rowan this year.

Knitting Underground-- here I am on the Tube, working on the tube section of a sock. Life imitates train. I just love knitting while riding. It's hypnotic and meditative. 

And here I am at a shop in Oxford, where I spent a day wondering all around the hallowed grounds of that famous university. As in the other shops I visited, I made sure to pick up English wool. That's key for me-- keeping it local when I'm traveling abroad.

Until Monhegan...