Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Sweater is Done! The Sweater is Done!

Great news! I finished my Cowichan sweater. Well, actually, I paid someone to do the zipper and seams. And whatever reluctance I had about asking for help is now GONE. That's me, up above, swimming in the sweater. Down below is my friend Bart, for whom I made the sweater, and his wife Doris Ann. Bart is headed off to Canada where that sweater is going to get some good use.

In other news, I was on Monhegan Island last week. It's true. I just couldn't wait for the September Knitting & Yoga retreat, so I did a quick run up. I took fourteen women with me, all writers, and we spent five days under Holden's excellent care at the Monhegan House. Those of you who will be joining us in the fall as returning attendees already know, but let me tell the rest of you: YOU WILL LOVE MONHEGAN ISLAND! And you'll love Holden. There is so much to love about the magic of the place. Here are just a few pictures from my trip:

The view outside the window on the top floor of Monhegan House. 
Me finishing up dessert our last night. 

Even though I just got back a few days ago, I CANNOT WAIT to get back again. Counting down the days now. Just about three months to go.