Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paradise-- Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

We are having such a ball here on Monhegan Island. The weather is beyond stunning. The temperature for the sunrise walk was totally bearable, barely even chilly. At 6 am we watched the nearly full moon setting before heading off to witness that brilliant orange disc float up above the horizon.

Then it was back to Monhegan House for the breakfast of champions-- blueberry stuffed French toast with real maple syrup and bacon. Plus coffee. Gallons of coffee. Holden is the magic coffee man-- he just keeps appearing with thermos upon thermos of the stuff, and so my plan is to have a statue erected in his honor. Oh he is so good to us. Thank you Holden.

Speaking of carbs we love, yesterday was Whoopie Pie day and we had not the traditional Devil's Food variety, but pumpkin with cream cheese filling. I think my reaction was a little over the top. When I started crying like a newly crowned Miss America at the sight of the little treats, several kind retreatants offered me theirs. I politely declined. Well, after accepting about three. Oh I love Whoopie Pies!


We all concur that it's a good idea to burn off the carbs, so today we had another spectacular walk. This time a bunch of us headed to Squeaker Cove via Cathedral Woods, the latter being home to Monhegan Island's famous Fairy Houses, of which we discovered many.


Besides groups of ecstatic knitters, the island also attracts flocks of birders and tons of landscape artists. The painters are drawn by the light, which is exquisite here. I sat for hours today and just watched the sun dance all across the Atlantic. The light pouring through the forest canopy is also breathtaking. There's just not a bad angle out here.


Our fearless walking leader Patty gets another big shout out for another year of keeping us on the proper paths. I have a theory that the locals purposefully under-label and mis-label the paths and then watch on closed circuit TV as the tourists scratch their heads trying to sort it all out. Thing is, it's a small island, so eventually you get to water and you're never really, truly lost. But still, you can get turned around. That's why Patty is our secret weapon. Here she is now, herding the gang.


And here are a few more pictures from out and about. I cannot believe it's already Thursday. Dang it. Mustn't think about it. Must stay in each glorious moment here. One stitch at a time.







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