Friday, September 20, 2013

Not Our Last Day, Just Our Last Day 'Til Next Year

The weird Monhegan Island Time thing strikes again. First you get here and have to slow way down because you don't have to worry about driving and electronic devices barely work plus YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY! Then, if you're me anyway, thanks to the lack of city lights and street lights, you acclimate pretty quickly to an early-to-bed-early-to-rise routine. I managed to catch two sunrises this week and neither involved feeling sleep deprived the rest of the day.

Then, once you get all settled into I Could Live Here Forever and Be Relaxed and Spend My Days Hiking and Knitting, well dang, it's Friday, time to pack up for Saturday's early ferry. Not to worry, people. The good news is you can come back next year. Lots of us are repeat offenders and there are plenty of good reasons for that. For example, you learn things from your fellow knitters. Today on a nice, strenuous hike, Jean nearly killed me when she taught me a Scottish phrase I'd not have otherwise ever learned. It's this:

Come to the woods. But don't bring your knitting.

And last night, Alison taught me (or tried to) how to cable without a cable needle. I actually sort of understand the concept. I shared with Cassie some interesting things about lawn furniture she hadn't known before, and I think she'd be the first to tell you she likely never would have known if I hadn't told her. (You're welcome Cassie!)


Last night a number of us had a splendid sunset picnic, and the rest headed over to the Trailing Yew for dinner by candlelight. They also learned that at the TY, some guests have to go to an entirely different building to use the bathroom, making our bathrooms-right-down-the-hall seem like we are in the Four Seasons (a feeling accentuated by Holden's amazing attention to detail. Thanks, Holden!)

Above: Melora presides over our picnic feast.
Below: Cousins Jean & Alison contemplate the ocean that often separates them.

Below: the sun sets a bit more, which is Holden's cue to press the button to release the animatronic seagulls, so they will fly by and give us an amazing photo op:

Cory's scarf matches the sunset sky. She keeps telling us she only started knitting in February, but I'm thinking we need to ask her which February-- 1990? Dang she's amazing.


Here Holly blends in with the scenery. Not. Love that hot pink.

Below: I spotted this beautiful gate. Kind of inspires a lace pattern possibility, no?

Above-- the view out of my room at night. WAAAAAA! I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!

Above-- thee Harvest Moon, which looks rather unimpressive in this photo, but trust me, it was massive and amazing and I LOVE IT!!

And now, a few more pics from post-dinner ravelry (<-- that's a joke, get it?) and morning knitting and breakfast and our amazing hike today:









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  1. Oh, how I wish I could have been there with you all! My 2012 adventure was THE BEST. Was Birdman really there again this year?
    L Marston