Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monhegan Island 2013 Day 2!

Hello Beautiful Knitting People!

Okay, I know this is Knitting & Yoga Adventures and not Knitting & Yoga & Tech Support Adventures BUT... after yesterday's awful blog formatting and the hurdles I encountered, I can't resist sharing a little knowledge with you. Turns out Blogger.com and iPads are incompatible! In a world where Siri can just about do laundry for you, I find this odd, but it is a truth, trust me-- I learned the hard way. And since I see a lot of you are traveling with iPads, if you are blogging, I'm here to suggest you get a magical app to allow a smooth operation. I'm using one called Blogsy-- so far, so good.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff. DAY TWO. Or Day 2.5, since we did get here midday Sunday. This morning, a very surprising number of folks got up to catch the sunrise. Patty and I had debated-- playfully of course-- when the sun actually was expected to rise. I said 5:42 am. She said 6:18 am. Naturally her suggestion was much more popular and Holden, wanting to horn in on the popularity, picked Patty's side. And then the sun, not wanting to get into the middle of it, also picked Patty's side. I don't feel like a loser though. I feel like someone who got to "sleep in" til 5:15 am.

Bonus points to Holden & Sue who always, always take wonderful care of us but who really went above and beyond today and had coffee ready for us BEFORE we strolled over to Burnt Head, where the sun did not disappoint.

Back we came for another splendid breakfast and then the fearless Patty, still basking in the triumph of persuading the sun to sleep in, took us on a trek. It was PDC-- pretty darn chilly-- even with the sun up. We loved this, as it afforded us a chance to show off our knitting. Teva in particular was rocking the knitted garments, from her bloomers to her chapeau, as seen above.

Here are a bunch more pics from our adventure so far. It is a gorgeous week out here on Monhegan and the weather predictors are predicting more of the same. Yay!



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