Monday, September 16, 2013

Knitting & Yoga Adventures-- Monhegan Island Retreat 2013. IT BEGINS!

Hey Y'all,
So we are HERE on Monhegan Island for Knitting and Yoga Adventures 2013 retreat. Woo-hoo! One of the things we talk about the first night is how we are now on Island Time. Well we are also at the mercy of spotty connectivity, which is really just fine. It's fun to be at least a little cut off from our electronic devices. 

That said, I'm having a heckuva time simply posting to the blog. As I am the official blogger and jester on this trip, this concerns me a bit. But not TOO MUCH because, you know, we're here to relax.

What I'm going to do unless/until I get some magical resolution is to put up posts that are word heavy at the front end and picture heavy at the bottom. That method seems to work. 

So what we have today are some pictures of how we got here. Staff started out at Lisa's devouring a hearty breakfast from HOLY DONUT in Portland. We were assisted by Sam the Labradoodle and Pip the Donut Lover who tested out the goods to make sure they were fresh and safe. (They were.)

Then we loaded up the cars, with Patty in charge of delicious lunches with treats from the STANDARD BAKERY. Then off we went to meet the van, but the van driver hadn't gotten the memo to WAIT for us, so we had to call him and tell him to stay put in Brunswick so we could catch up.

Once we hit Port Clyde, we did a quick scramble to the bathrooms, a fast zip around the gift shop, and then onto the ferry we piled with all of our luggage. It was chilly but relatively calm, and the passage over went by quick enough until, at last, we arrived in Knitting Paradise.

Holden got us situated in our rooms, only made fun of me a little bit, hit us with some fab snacks, and then overwhelmed us -- in a good way-- with a splendid dinner. 

And then we collapsed. Of course we did. It was the right thing to do. Windows open. Chilly air blowing in. Big fluffy comforters. Such a happy resty lovely place.

Day one we fueled up with a big breakfast, then off to take our first Island Walk with Patty forging up ahead, no mind paid to gravity, while us slower folk did more of what you might call a meander. At which point decisions had to be made at the top-- go on, turn back, or something in between? 

I headed back, most others went onto a more strenuous hike, and Lisa took the in-betweeners off to see the views offered by a moderate hike.

Tomorrow, updates on The Mall, our first class with Teva, and Holden's ongoing antics. Plus-- EXCITING! Birdman has been spotted on the island AND they're shooting a movie here. Hopefully they will write in a scene that calls for a gaggle of knitters. We're waiting.

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