Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is It Day Three? Day Four? Island Time Has Sunk In.

Hello Y'all,

What a glorious day it is today. I have officially lost track of what day it is, though rumor has it we are still on the island for several more days, which ROCKS. This morning started out with me waking up around 5, thinking I might rouse myself for another sunrise hike, then drifting off only to find myself waking again to sunlight and this note that had been quietly slipped under my door:

Um, okay then. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. We've got mostly sunny skies predicted all week, so hooray for more chances to see the glorious view out at Burnt Head.

Meanwhile, though I missed the official sunrise, I did eat a hearty Eggs Benedict for breakfast, and joined in for the hike. I was allegedly going to stick with the slower moving group, and we were allegedly going to stay within view of the quicker hikers, and also allegedly, we were going to turn back when the going got tough. Well, best laid plans and all that... as it happens, the trails are only vaguely marked, the quick folks took off at a trot, and before you know it, we were humming the Gilligan's Island theme song. Technically we weren't lost lost-- this is an island and a small one at that. But we were on a path that was fairly challenging. And every time I asked-- "Want to turn back?"-- the group said NO! So we got in a really great walk. Here is Team Spike:

Then it was home for some hot chocolate from the Black Duck aka The Mall. And now as I write this, a few folks are knitting in the parlor and many more are basking in the warm sunshine, making good use of the big white rocking chairs on the porch. Soon, Teva takes over and today we are going to tackle a new lace project. A scarflet I believe is what we're calling it. Scarflet-- sounds like a verb to describe what I do whenever Holden puts out plates piled high with tiny treats. I SCARFLET!

Here are more pics from our excellent adventure to date:


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