Thursday, May 16, 2013

In The Bag

This is The Monroe bag, in Caribbean Blue

I don't actually make a big stink about holidays, preferring to ignore most of them. But I did use Mothers' Day as an excuse to buy myself this lovely bag by Namaste. This is my second bag from the company (I also bought their messenger bag last year). I really dig the company's designs and philosophy-- their products are vegetarian so to speak, no leather involved. They are created with knitters in mind but, as you can see, work for non-knit purposes, too-- though who in their right mind would go anywhere without their knitting in tow? 

Here's a look at the inside: 

Tucked into my knitting bag you see the latest copy of Interweave KNITS. I'm a regular contributor to the magazine and in this issue you'll find my profile of Amy Miller, a young designer from Wisconsin who-- though she's only been knitting five years-- has a truly stunning collection. I'm especially fond of her striped patterns and I do believe you'll love her stuff, too. 


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