Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Asking for Help at the Finish Line

Hello Everyone,
So that's a kooky picture up above. Let me explain. It's actually a combination of things. That's me, pretending to meditate-- part of a project I'm doing taking pictures of myself meditating in unusual places. And in the background is my friend Noska, in red, photo-bombing the shot. And then, right behind me is my friend Bart, holding up the back of a sweater I'm making him.

I've mentioned the sweater before-- it's a Cowichan style, originally made by the Cowichan tribe in Western Canada. Bart is Canadian and asked me to make him one. I said I'd give it a shot. (He does stuff for me, too-- he gives me cool tattoos.)

I was just about finished the pieces when I found out Bart is leaving for Canada really soon. I had already planned to hire Renata, a local finisher, to install the zipper-- not something I want to experiment with. Then Suzanne, who owns my LYS-- Hill Country Weavers-- convinced me to let Renata handle the blocking and seaming, too.

I'm usually pretty stubborn about finishing my own work, wanting to say I did every stitch. But I confess it didn't take much convincing for me. I was looking at a deadline, I don't like deadline knitting. And I've got another project going I want to get back to and another to start. And so, there you go, I'm going to hand it off.

I'm a little worried Renata will spot some of the errors (er... design elements)-- such as I think I knitted the sleeves a little too long and I accidentally used the smaller cast-on-for-ribbing needles for the first one so had to do the same for the second (only after realizing, 4/5ths of the way through the second sleeve my error, having to then rip that one out and start again). And I worry that when she spots the errors she will get a bad headache or collapse on the floor laughing.

But I hear she's a miracle worker and so here we go. A new chapter in my knitting world. Asking for help at the finish line. Any of y'all hire others to do your finishing?


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