Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Smorgasbord of Fun Fiber Fotos!

These are my young Maine friends who popped by the island when we were on the 2012 trip. They have sheep now and I plan to hit them up soon for some wool.

Hey Y'all,

First of all-- GREAT NEWS! In my last post, I mentioned that I was trying to win a trip to London. Well guess what? I WON! So now I can send you back a first person report on London knit shops. Can't wait! Thanks a million to those of you who viewed the video that led to my victory.

In other news, my foray deeper and deeper into the world of fiber joyfully continues. One day I swear I am going to wake up and be living the life -- surrounded by livestock and fiber everything. I'm getting closer every day. Herewith, photographic evidence.

If you have fun knit pics, please send them to me at spikegillespie@gmail.com and I'll get them posted.

Another shot of my friends' sheep. They live in Northern Maine and I can't wait to go up there and meet these babies in person. 
This is my Boston Terrier, Rebound. She is sitting on a rag rug crocheted by my fiber artist friend Ann Woodall
I'm saving up to buy an actual travel wheel but until then, I take my non-travel wheel with me when I meet up with my spinning friends. I guess that makes it a travel wheel of sorts.
My friend Sharon the Spinner has a very cool little triangle loom. 
This "yarn" is actually made of sheets torn into strips and tied together. It's what my friend Ann uses to make her rag rugs.
Here's Ann, working on a rug. How she manages this with cats in the house is a mystery to me.
I went to a Fiber Festival in Seguin, Texas last week-- The Yellow Rose Fiber Festival. These places are extremely dangerous for me financially.  
Here's some yarn made of buffalo fluff. 
Alpaca locks. 
My friend Lisa-- I told y'all about her before-- has a great goat farm. Here's her display at the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival.
Here I am with Lisa.
Okay, this machine? It's like a gigantic needle felter.  You can make a rug using it in no time. 
Folks working on giant needle felt projects. 
Hilarious, right? This is the creation of Alisha, whose yarn line, Alisha Goes Around, flies off the shelves like Madam Alexander dolls at Christmastime. (Odd reference, I know, but I used to work at Macy's Christmas Department a thousand years ago and I still remember women fighting over those dolls)
And here she is herself-- Alisha! 

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  1. Will be following you to London in Nov. I look forward to your scouting reports on fiber shops. I discovered you in this month's Interweave. My 5 grandkids are in Austin so I try to make it down often. Any good shops in Austin?