Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting My Goat!

I am really hitting my goal to do something fiber related every day. Sure, I still miss an occasional day, but mostly this dream of mine is turning into a super, super reality. I mentioned in my last post that I was heading out to hang out with my friend Lisa, who has a herd of Angora goats. Lisa is AMAZING. She hand shears, she solar dyes, she spins, she weaves. She is living the life. We went out for a dyeing day and I got to hang out with some super knowledgable folks who nudged me along in my quest to learn as much as I can about fiber and dyeing and spinning. This from someone who started out on acrylic yarn and aluminum needles. Let's not call me a snob now, let's just say I am grateful to be learning so much about The Source of Great Fiber. As you can see above, I would be content to sit in a goat pen all day long. Below is a picture of the goat locks I dyed. Lisa really encouraged us to go crazy with the colors. I had no trouble following that suggestion.

This week, I had yet another joyful moment when I received a package from Cottage Craft in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada. That is where Cottage Craft is, a super super excellent yarn and hand-knits shop I discovered on my trip to the Great White North last summer. I love their wool so much and the price is right, so I ordered some to add to my stash. Below, Ori re-enacts my feelings upon receiving the yarn:

In the near future we must discuss our friends, family and partners and the many ways they humor our knitting lifestyle.

Happy Spring Y'all,

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  1. Don't wish to be picky - but in case someone wants to locate Cottage Craft - they are actually located in St. Andrews, New Brunswick - and near St. Stephen, New Brunswick. If you like Cottage Craft yarns, you should check out Briggs and Little Woolen Mill in York Mills, New Brunswick. They do the dyeing for Cottage Craft.