Thursday, February 7, 2013

Putting a Spin on Things

 I am so very, very excited. As I move into my 14th year of knitting (or is it my 13th? my 15th? Time flies when you're trying to make every single pattern you love....) I am taking it to the next level. My dream of learning to spin, which I mentioned in an earlier post,  has come true!

The dream began a few years ago, when I thought it would be cool to get even closer to the origins of the fiber. I took a drop spindle class but the teacher was kind of cranky and I never did get the hang of it. So I set the idea down. Then a year or so ago, I decided to learn how to play with spinning wheels. I found another teacher, and she was cool, and the ideas she shared with me made a tiny bit of sense. So it was like I had learned a few letters of the alphabet. But with no wheel of my own, I couldn't practice. Sort of like knowing a little French but having nowhere to try out my new language skills.

My excellent teacher, Aimee, showing me how it works.  
My first yarn! Yep, I made this!
I back-burnered the idea again, but did not forget it. When my LYS sent out a notice about a Big Sale that included a Louet wheel, I jumped on it. Next step, find a teacher. I Googled around for a teacher in my area. The universe sent a signal I was on the right path when two things happened nearly simultaneously. I found a teacher who, through our email exchanges, indicated she did understand my learning process, which I spelled out for her (I need someone PATIENT to teach me new skills). And then, an old friend of mine emailed out of the blue that she had some bags of wool that needed to be spun and did I know anyone interested. Here's the kicker: my friend and my new teacher live ON THE SAME STREET. And it's not like I live in some tiny town. Very cool.

Aimee, the amazing spinning teacher!
My second ball of yarn. Oh this is SO FUN!

So I picked up the wool, I took a class, I dropped in on a Spin-In the other day full of avid spinners. I am totally on my way. I love it. So fun, so relaxing, so rewarding.

Next goal: a flock of sheep in my backyard. One thing at a time. Maybe I can save that goal for 2020.


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  1. Oh, I just learned to spin, too! I bought a Kiwi2 from my instructor, after test driving a bunch of wheels. This Saturday is a Fiber Away Day - my first opportunity to spin in mixed company. I'm a little nervous!