Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Joyful, Unnecessary but Fun Reminder: Knitting is Good for the Planet!

I had a wonderful surprise the last day of 2012. I was hanging out at home, listening to the radio, nursing a cold. I didn't have the energy to be out at some party waiting for midnight to arrive. Instead, I decided to answer a few emails, get some stuff in order so I could step into 2013 with an empty inbox and an eager heart.

I hit send-and-receive one last time, and there was a note from a stranger I'd heard from just once before, months prior. I should explain that I have a pretty well-known reputation around Austin as a constant knitter, and I have a pretty established online presence as One Who Gushes About Knitting. So it wasn't a complete surprise that this woman tracked me down. She wanted to make a donation to me in exchange for a pair of baby booties. She even sent a picture of the booties she had in mind.

Let's be real here: I would've made those booties for no donation. I like the challenge and I love people who appreciate handknits. Plus, booties? How much time could that take?

Actually, they took a bit longer than I expected, just because I was trying to track down an exact pattern. In the end, I found it-- a kimono design. (As you can see from the picture, it seems that baby is maybe wearing them upside down or backwards? Such is the beauty of the simple kimono!)

Anyway, I made them, I mailed them off, then I heard nothing back, then I forgot. Then comes New Year's Eve and, tada, a picture! The baby has arrived, the booties are on and, I am not kidding, at that very moment Shake Your Booty was playing on the radio.

I'm going to say that was an extremely auspicious start for a year of great knitting in 2013. I'm kicking things off real slow with a massive, in-the-round bag that I will felt. It might take me til the end of February, that's okay. Then, on deck, a sweater pattern I found years ago, very easy. And then, by April, I'm thinking I'll kick it into high gear and bust out something cably and challenging.

Wish me luck!
Happy New Year,

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