Monday, October 1, 2012

Waa! I Want My Island Back!

Lisa made re-entry a little easier by taking those of us in the van to Halcyon in Bath, ME.
Hey Y'all!
I meant to write a catch-up note sooner to see how you were all settling back into reality but then, le sigh, reality caught up with me. Actually, I had so much fun and relaxed so much on the island that when I first got back I was able to carry over that chill-vibe for a few days. Alas, as I was faux-chillin' the work was a-pilin' up behind my back. And now here I am, on a Monday that is feeling very much like a Monday. 

But I'm interrupting my work routine to take this moment to reminisce with y'all. WASN'T IT GREAT ON THE ISLAND?! I'm already counting the days til next year (347 I think). I hope all is well with you and that wherever you are you are knitting up a storm. Here are a few more pics to jog your memory when you are hoping to revisit Monhegan Island in your mind, until we can get there in person again.

Thanks again for making the week so fun. 

Holden is clinging to me like Velcro. He cannot bear to see me go. 
I got my flowers to throw in the water to guarantee I return. I also got my chocolate chip cayenne scone -- another guarantee I will be back. 
It was a dark and stormy morning.
I like the red ticket better!
Holden toasts our departure. Nothing like a Dos XX at 9 am! Way to go, Holden!
In the van.
View from the front seat of the van.
We stopped at Swans Island. There wer no swans and it's not an island but we still managed to shop, which is the important part.
I see a blanket looming in my future! 
For those of you worried I wouldn't get it done, you can relax-- I finished Ori's Happy Face Hat with Arms on the plane, and greeted him at the airport with it. Tres sophisticated, no?

I also finished my Pi Shawl. I am SO PSYCHED!! Now I have to block the dang thing. 

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