Saturday, September 22, 2012

Well Dang, That Went Entirely Too Fast...

Our day began with a surprise note from Birdman. We are so sad we won't get to see him this year. And, to our surprise (and his, too) he is also sad!
Well dagnabit, we were just getting started. And now-- too soon, too soon-- it is time to pack up and say farewell. I hope you had as splendid of a week as I did. And I am going to go on the record here and say that I am beyond certain that any calories we consumed in excess of our typical weekly intake we surely – surely—burned off laughing.

For this post I’ve got some pics for y’all of Thursday night and Friday. We finished off in style with big lobsters and a surprise puffin party with Mary Alice as the guest of honor. Since I’m so exhausted from jumping up and down on my post-shopping-at-the-Black-Duck suitcase trying to get it zipped-- I remembered drawstring pants but not a drawstring suitcase—I’m going to go ahead and let the pics do most of the talking for me for this post.

Thank you all so much for joining us. Hope to see you on another retreat soon.  

All Eva has to do is start in on her Where the Hell Are the Snacks routine and then.... 
Holden rushes in and says, "Here my darling!!" 
To which Eva replies, "What took you so &%$%#^ long, hottie?"
To which Holden replies, "Eva, talk to the hand!" 
A black sheep in our midst. 
I find that when ordering breakfast before the coffee kicks in, a safe bet is to just say, "Bring me something that matches my yarn."
Today I bought Jewish rubber duckies at the Mall. These gals have everything.  
Ava and I bonded over our shared love of Siggi's yogurt early on the trip. Knowing she coveted my Siggi's bag, I gave it to her as a gift. I learned how to do this from Eva who one year gave me a bag of hers that I admired. I've since taken that bag around the world. Three cheers for bag redistribution. 
Holden, upon being asked to provide healthy snacks, still can't resist including some devilish optons.  
I mean DANG-- don't you LOVE this place?
We were not the only fiber artists. I caught a spider fiber-bombing the church.  
I am really lichen the effect of the moss on this house, eh? I don't mean to brag but does this little photo of mine look like a Wyeth painting or what? 
Another iSky presentation thanks to my phone. 
iSky advanced with iSunset. 
Well, okay, yes, we will settle for a little wine whilst waiting for our lobster.  
Ah, there you are, you little sea bug, you!

Allow me to translate Linda's smile: THIS is what it's all about, people!
Evelyn is a knitting machine. 
Suzette going after a rogue ball of yarn while Jeff offers an assist.  
I might not drink anymore but I sure still can take pictures that suggest I do.  Nice blur, right? This is my impressionistic style.  
Patty sings, "Holden's Got Back," for the talent show.  
Eva convinces Holden to play the role of a bull in her interpretive dance, Toro, Toro!, which she choreographed special for the talent show. 
Mary Alice went MIA but we found her upstairs, about to go to sleep. Unbeknownst to her, we were waiting downstairs with a little surprise. So we dragged her down and Paula did the honors, explaining that we had acquired for her....
Her own puffin! Yes, that's right-- we adopted a puffin on Mary Alice's behalf. She will receive updates like photos and report cards and Tweets from the puffin. (Aside: if you see Paula, just refer to the puffin as the penguin because... well, just because.)
This mixed media creation by Boots Bailey was the vehicle to deliver the  puffin details to Mary Alice. It is now hanging in the Monhegan House dining room where you may purchase it for $8,000. 

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