Friday, July 6, 2012

Inspiration in the Hen House

A friend once told me that she'd read an article that suggests that when we are out shopping, odds are very high that whatever we buy will match the clothes we're wearing. Who knows if this is true, or how (or WHY) researchers even study this stuff? But I recalled the story as I recently took on the terrifying (to me) Pi Shawl Project.

I was probably about 5,000 stitches in before it dawned on me that the MadelineTosh hand dyed yarn I'm using for the shawl looks an awful lot like... my chickens. Yes, that's right, I have a flock of backyard chickens and I think I was subliminally coerced into buying Terra Verte, this black/green hand dyed merino light.

Three of my chickens are Australorps, at least I think that's what they're called. And the friend I bought them from pointed out that, those these girls appear to be all black, if you look straight down on them from above (bird's eye view!) you'll see a green sheen. And so it's true! These gals are gorgeous and shimmery (and they lay tons of eggs-- thanks ladies!). Similarly, the yarn is mostly black, but appears green at certain angles.

I'm grateful to have such inspiration close at hand. Truth is, I'm not especially good with figuring out colors that go together or even monochromatic color/pattern combo. And if I relied on the clothes I wear to guide me-- ha! Let's just say I'm not exactly a fashion plate. So I believe I will continue to rely on nature to guide me. I've also got three black and white chickens-- perhaps something houndstooth next.

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