Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Can Never Have Enough Hand Knitted Yoga Bags

My new yoga mat bag (L) chilling with my old yoga mat bag (R) on the rocking chair.

I can't believe it's been three years since Lisa posted her yoga bag pattern. I used it as the basis for a mat bag I whipped up using some lovely Noro (Lisa opted for recycled silk for hers). Well, that first mat bag I made turned out so well that my son absconded with it. Yes, that's right, my boy made off with my mat bag. 

This actually pleased me. It's not that Henry isn't into my knitting in general. But he's grown up watching me knit constantly, so receiving knitted gifts is pretty commonplace, nothing to get overly excited about. He always gives a sincere thanks, but other than that rarely if ever engages me in conversations about this passion of mine. (Though more than once, for my birthday and Christmas, he's gotten me a gift certificate from my LYS-- such a good boy!)

So when he admired the yoga bag, well what could I do? I let him take it. Then, I got a new yoga mat, a really super thick eco-friendly one from Kulae, so even if I had that old bag, it wouldn't fit. I also happened to have a basketful of Noro I'd been gifted, yarn I spent a year thinking about, imagining all the possibilities. Then it struck me-- duh-- make another mat bag.

And so that is just what I did. It is the envy of my fellow yogis. And it makes me so happy just to lay my eyes on it. Heck, if I spent 1/4th of the time doing yoga that I do admiring my handiwork, I'd have my own yoga studio. So, okay, I need to bump up the yoga practice-- I will, I will. For now, it is so hot here in Austin that the best I can do is sit in a half-lotus position as I knit very slowly (so as to keep as still as possible) using very small needles and fingering weight yarn.

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