Friday, June 15, 2012

Tasty Little Wooly Bites for Summer

I probably don't need to defend or rationalize this statement to you, my fellow hardcore knitters: No, I will not let triple-digits slow down my wooly endeavors! Down here where I live in Texas, we've got the triple digit season about to head into fully sweaty swing. Sometimes, when I'm in Maine and talk about being a Texas knitter, I get questions along the lines of why would anyone knit in a warm climate?

Well, besides the fun of it, and the meditation of it, I have a couple of answers to that. Along with triple digits come icy A/C temperatures inside of buildings, so sweaters are wearable year round. (And then, in winter, we rarely need big coats, so sweaters get great workouts.) So there's that. The other answer is this-- there are so many fun SMALL things to knit. Right now I'm working a pair of absolutely delicious socks in hand-dyed yarn that makes my eyes happy every time I pick up the needles.

I did put those socks down recently, just for a few days, to indulge in knitting that's both small and silly. Doughnuts. Yes, I love knitting doughnuts. I found a great, easy pattern in a book called Knitted Cakes, and I can knock out these sweet treats in an hour or so. Sewing on the bugle beads can be a little tedious, but even that doesn't take long and, if you want to, you can skip this step entirely.

I've given out lots of these knitted confections and they are always, always a huge hit. I'm so inspired by the last pair I made that I am contemplating attempting to come up with a pattern for knitted whoopie pies. Stay tuned and let's see how I fare.

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