Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a Quick Howdy and a Little Reminder-- We're Almost Sold Out!

I am well known for showing up to the retreat with some of my kookier knitted creations. Can you guess what this is?

Hello Everyone,
Hope this note finds you super happy and knitting up a storm. I'm just here today to tell you that we are getting close to full for our 2012 retreats on Monhegan Island and in Vermont! If you haven't signed up yet, may I gently encourage you to run don't walk over to Knitting and Yoga Adventures main website and SIGN UP! Oh boy are we going to have a swell time.

Just how inspirational is the trip? Well I've been on the Maine jaunt several times, and honestly hardly a day passes when I don't imagine myself back on the island. Last year, I even took my man there for a little vacation and we had such a super time that I just finished the first draft of a book I wrote all about what Monhegan Island does for me-- which, as noted, is enough to fill a book.

In the meanwhile, as we count down the days, I'm down here in Texas, having more fun with yarn than should be legal. And now, a few pictures for your enjoyment.

This is Kelley Deal from the Breeders. Her band R. Ring played at a party I hosted in Austin, at Hill Country Weavers, during our massive SXSW music festival. Kelley is a big knitter.

We gave away supplies so folks could knit Kelley some mic stand cozies.

I had friends in town from Paris/NY for SXSW and I taught them to knit, too. I just can't stop myself!

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