Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Book: AlterKnits

When I'm not knitting, I like to read about knitting. Well, okay, I like to look at the pictures. I have amassed quite a library of knit books and magazines-- my coffee table is covered in them. Recently I came across AlterKNITS by Leigh Bradford and I am IN LOVE. Of course me being me-- those of you who know me know my tastes run toward the funky (to put it mildly)-- I think my favorite pattern is the one for knitted crowns (as in royalty, not teeth) made from paper-based fiber. But there are plenty of tamer, yet still very interesting, patterns in the book. And the layout and photos are divine.

Who knows if I'll ever get around to knitting anything in the book (I'm STILL working on that dang sweater I've been working on off-and-on for over a year now). But just looking through, I get ideas. And that, in turn, made me think about the Monhegan Retreat (not that I ever stop thinking about it-- FOUR MORE MONTHS AND COUNTING!). I love how, during the classes, I always wind up learning about-- and actually trying-- patterns and techniques I probably never would have encountered on my own. I still look at the amazing cabled neck warmer I made last fall on the island and it tickles me anew. And one of these days, I'm going to bust out that magic ball of yarn I wound from eighty billion different skeins (all sorts of colors and weights) and make a lace shawl. Me, in a funky lace shawl, wearing my knitted crown. I can't wait.

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