Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Finished My Neck Warmer!

Hey Y'all,
Well I hope by now we've all readjusted to reality. Honestly, it took me awhile. I just kept thinking and thinking and thinking about being on the island. Once I got over feeling sorry for myself for not being able to be on a constant knitting retreat, I came up with a plan to keep the good feeling going. My goal, after all that hiking and being outside, is to set aside one day each week (at least) where I take off for some hiking, leave the computer behind, but bring my knitting with me. I'm moving into Week Three of this Monhegan Island inspired plan and so far, so good.

Though it's still way too warm down here in Austin for me to be wearing my neck warmer on these hikes, I am happy to announce that I really did finish mine. I'm posting a couple of pictures of it here. In one shot my wonderful Blue Heeler mix Tatum models for me. In the other you can see that, me being me, I've found an alternate use for the neck warmer. Because even though I like how it very fashionably covers those neck wrinkles of mine, I think I prefer it as an ear warmer/headband, one that allows room for my styling ponytail to poke through.

Even more than an article of clothing though, I love this piece because every time I look at it I am reminded of where I was at the beginning of the process-- confused, borderline terrified, and listening to the inner-critic suggesting I might never get the hang of the pattern. But I did it, I did it! Between Allison's pointing out that I could learn to "read" the pattern in the yarn itself, Margaret's helpful hints and Cathy's tremendous patience in going over the written pattern with me (and fixing some early mistakes), I figured it out. Thank you ladies SO much!

I did wind up with one fairly big mistake but I left it in for a few reasons. First there was the test-- Could a man running for a bus spot the error? Nope. Then there was the lazy/eager factor: I was too lazy to frog it (not too mention too afraid I'd never get it back on the needles) and, at the same time, I was too eager to finish it. And finally, I left it in as a reminder-- no, not a reminder that I'm not godlike in my knitting skills. But more as a reminder that I learn as I go.

I mean, I am so thrilled with this thing.

Speaking of thrilling, but on an entirely different note... I also write a blog for Hill Country Weavers, which, despite the name, is quite populated by rabid knitters. This past week I wrote a post about a new line of yarn, SHELTER, just introduced by Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed. If you don't know about Jared let me tell you-- he's a great designer, a fantastic photographer, and a fabulous human being. His new yarn line-- 100% US grown, milled, and spun-- is flying off the shelves of the ten Flagship Retailers that carry it. If you don't live near a Flagship store, you can order it online. The yarn has a fantastic story.

Hope y'all are having fun. I sure miss you. Oh, and Happy Birthday Eva! (Her official birthday is 10/4 good buddies...)

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