Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trendsetting-- A Little Extra Bonus for You

I'm pretty hooked on the online edition of the New York Times. In particular, I love to check out a little box on the site featuring the Top Ten Most E-mailed Articles to see what people are talking about. Today I was excited to see a story about Portland, Maine. Part of an ongoing series in the Travel Section known as 36 Hours In..., this story takes a quick look at a mounting buzz about Portland's restaurant, art, and nightlife scene. Apparently, just by flying into Portland, we'll be part of a growing trend-- trendsetting being an added if unintended bonus for retreat attendees.

Now, now-- I know we'll be spending most of our time on Monhegan Island, which is fine by me. And I'm sure it's fine by you, too. But for those of you who will have a little time on either end of the retreat to explore Portland before jetting or driving back home, you might want to check out the article for suggestions on places to visit. Apparently there are several new galleries and a number of restaurants that feature locally grown veggies and locally raised meats.

So there you go, be part of the trend. I'm going to. Maybe those of us with enough spare time can have a little group knit at a cafe on Congress Street.

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