Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Almost Time to Get Packing: What to Bring

Hey Y'all,
So if you can believe it, we are now LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from the big retreat! I realize I get a sort of delightful anxiety thinking about what to pack. I'm not talking about undies and my collection of knit-themed t-shirts. Those I've already got selected. No, the hard part for me is figuring out what knitting projects to bring-- both ones I've finished in the past year that I want to share and those I'd like to work on in the evenings during the informal knit gathering in the parlor.

I've had two years of experience now, and know that I could show up practically empty-handed, save for some needles. Between Susan and Cathy's classes, and the patterns and yarn we'll receive to play with, there's plenty to keep us busy. But like any good and zealous knitter, I like to always have "a few" projects with me just in case I find the time to, say, start and finish six pairs of socks, a sweater, some arm warmers, and a king-sized afghan.

I also know that, really, just a pair of yoga pants, one or two sweaters, and a few pair of socks (hand-knitted) are almost all I need in the "fashion" department. But if I can figure out how, I'll bring my entire collection of sweaters because there's nothing like having an appreciative audience of fellow knitters to admire my work (or, let's be honest, given some of the things I make, gently poke fun at).

Right now, I'm thinking of bringing what I need to make some arm warmers I spotted in the new pattern book Amy Butler did for Rowan. And I'll likely bring along the sweater I'm working on from a Mirasol pattern book I am absolutely smitten with (pictured above). I can't ever go on vacation without sock yarn, so I'll have some of that. And I recently promised my optometrist I'd make him a little something, though I'm not sure what yet. That means I'll probably throw in a few skeins of this and that and mull over the gift while I'm on the island.

Anybody else already strategizing what to bring? Do tell.

And watch for me in the van-- I'll be the one wearing head-to-toe handknits, even if it happens to be 80 degrees. Oh I can't WAIT! Sadly, I will probably not be able to bring the sweater, pictured below (and modeled by my friend Shannon) that I made while on a trip to Buenos Aires in March. I used needles the size of broomsticks, the whole thing took about six minutes to knit, and/but it weighs about fifteen pounds and requires its own suitcase. Too bad I can't lug it along, but I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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