Saturday, August 7, 2010

If You Can't Join 'Em, Tweet 'Em!

For the past few years, the Knitting and Yoga Adventures Retreat has coincided with a big gathering of birders who, pardon the pun, flock to Monhegan Island because they can spot all sorts of interesting feathered friends there. This is always a big treat for both groups since it gives us each a glimpse into the other's zany passion. One of my favorite ever retreat moments came during my first trip, a couple of years ago, when some birders came into Monhegan House while we were eating and we could (easily) overhear them asking each other in puzzled tones why anyone would be so drawn to a pastime like knitting. And yes, this exchange happened while they were weighed down with all sorts of mysterious equipment they use for their pastime.

Sadly, this year we'll be on the island a week before the big birding group gets there. While I'm certain beyond any doubt we will, like Gloria Gaynor, survive, I confess I'm going to miss being scrutinized by them. But we're hoping to leave our mark behind, hints that we were there, so the birders-- who no doubt will be searching the island over looking for the missing knitters-- will find traces of us. I have to give Lisa credit for this great idea. She's proposed we consider leaving some little knitted birds for them.

Toward that end, I've tracked down some free patterns so we can knit up these birds. Feel free to get started before you head out, or maybe knit one up on the plane, or we can sit and knit these little birds by the fireplace at night.

Here are the patterns:

For those of you who'd like to make a bluebird, here's a cute one.

Then there's a pattern for these generic birds which, if we knit them up in weird colors, might lead the birders to believe they've discovered a new species!

Or how about this lovely bird mobile, that sets the birds in flight? I found it over at it was designed by Meg Bakewell. I think we should make a few of these for Monhegan House to complement the knit graffiti we left for Holden last year.

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