Tuesday, August 3, 2010

But Wait, There's More: Beyond the Island

I was reading the New York Times the other day and saw an article about Red's Eats, a lobster roll shack in Maine that's so popular traffic in the area often grinds to a halt because EVERYBODY wants to stop and get one-- or six. I do believe we drive by this very shack on the way to the ferry that takes us over to the island. Thinking about that-- the lobster rolls, the drive, the ferry, got my already very high level of excitement to surge even higher, which I didn't even realize was possible. Then, I started flashing back to all the extras I love about this annual excursion with Knitting and Yoga Adventures.

If you happen to be part of the group that meets at the JetPort (isn't that a cute name for an airport?) and takes the van to Port Clyde to catch the ferry, then count on Patty starting you off right. Patty plans excellent snacks to get things going-- my first year there were these awesome lobster-shaped cookies. Then there's all the great chat in the van.

On the way back, after that whole inimitable week of knitting and stretching and learning and laughing, the adventure isn't over. Lisa plans some great stuff for the drive back in. My first year, we stopped at Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine, and it took at least fifteen minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor. This year, Lisa has more great tricks up her sleeve to make sure we all have fun until the absolute last second before boarding our planes (or driving off). We'll be going to Romney Ridge in Woolwich where they sell "beautiful yarn from happy sheep," and a gallery in downtown Bath called Markings on Front Street to meet Nanney Kennedy of Seacolors, which is yarn that's hand dyed with seawater.

Honestly, you might consider packing your suitcase into a larger, empty suitcase, because I'm telling you, your stash will grow exponentially on this trip.

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