Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Excellent News!

Hey Y'all,
Well let's begin by talking about MY birthday, if I may be so self-indulgent. I was lucky enough to be invited to TNNA Market (where wholesale knit suppliers meet up with retailers, designers, and other folks in the biz) by my local yarn shop, Hill Country Weavers. Luckier still, Lisa and Susan were both in attendance. So I got to a) be with, like, a thousand knit fiends on my birthday b) be in 70 degree weather in California (it was 28 back in Austin) and c) have my birthday dinner with two of my favorite knitters. So yes, it was a great time.

While I was there, I found out that Susan recently took a job with Classic Elite Yarns. Congratulations Susan! Also, Lisa took the opportunity to talk to fab designer Cathy Payson who works for JCA/Reynolds. I also took the opportunity to interview Cathy for an upcoming mag feature (I'll let you know when it publishes). Anyway, super great news: Cathy will be joining us for the Monhegan 2010 adventure to teach some classes! Yay!

Cathy's designs are both really lovely AND don't induce that nervous breakdown feeling some patterns tend to. She's also really, really fun to hang out with. I actually invited her to move to Texas, but she politely declined. Oh well.

We'll have more news soon. Just wanted to give you the update. Oh, and that picture at the top? That's me and my Hill Country Weavers friends posing as enormous circular needles. If you want to read more details of my time at Market, check out this link.

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