Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yes, That's Right, MORE PICTURES

Okay, we're at that point now where the days are blending into each other, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. I no longer have my timepiece handy-- in fact, the concept of time hardly dawns on me except if I see folks heading to the room where we have classes or (more importantly) I see Holden sweep through the room and start thinking, "Is it whoopie pie time yet?"
Now is the dream portion of the trip-- whatever stress getting here incurred has fallen by the wayside. The beds promote deep sleep. The food is excellent and shows up at just the right intervals. The knitting is near constant-- maybe we're not all knitting at once, but like the changing of the guard, you can bet that somebody is knitting somewhere-- in one of the living rooms, or out on the porch, or even during a stop for rest during a hike.

Oh and the hikes! Yesterday we took a good long walk-- over two hours. Today was shorter but a bit more on the strenuous side. We settled on Pebble Beach where I saw the most beautiful, enormous "pebbles"-- all smooth from being in the enormous washing machine aka the Atlantic Ocean. We spotted a silver seal sunning himself on a rock and we followed suit, setting for a spell to listen to the bells of the buoy-ies (what IS the plural for that?), and admiring the endless horizon.

Melora cut out a little early to head back to lead yet another yoga class. She's busy restoring us all, getting us to open our shoulders after so much knitting, and open our hips after so much hiking. I wonder what she has planned for later today to counteract the "Holden Effect" -- by which I mean, oh yes! It is a whoopie pie day.

So here, some more great pics from our fearless hike leader and official trip photographer, Patty:

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