Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gadgets and Fairies and Gifts-- Oh My!

So much to tell! Yesterday's hike was... interesting. Somehow a pack of four of us got behind Patty and the rest of the gang. We came to a fork in the road and whenever this happens, Lisa-- who was in the four pack-- likes to quote Yogi Berra who said, "When you come to a fork in the road, TAKE IT!" So we did, apparently veering off down a different prong than P & co.

This was just fine. We had a wonderful time taking in all the views, wondering how long it might be before the others started to miss us, and swapping all sorts of stories which I shall not repeat here. Suffice it to say that Laurie had the good sense to bring a map and Lisa had the ability to orient us using the map. Before too long, we heard the voices of Patty's group, and -- our hero-- she came careening down an embankment that had to be at least 10,000 feet high so that she could throw her jacket across a puddle to allow us safe passage that did not involve muddying our shoes. Thank you Patty!

We saw some great fairy houses in Cathedral Woods-- some very upscale some more lean-to-ish. Oh, and I have to tell you-- check out the picture below-- I found a tree doing yoga in the forest. Yes, this is the real Tree Pose, in case you were wondering.

Back at Holden's place, we had a couple of hours of downtime, allowing Brenda and Gina to continue their undercover investigation of the Black Duck Emporium, the little store across the way that has a phenomenal bag selection. It's like they are bag dealers, and maybe they even have hidden cameras to capture us ogling and fingering all the goods over there, slobbering as we imagine dividing our DPs from our circulars, compartmentalizing and organizing until we drop.

Speaking of organizing-- so Suzanne asked how the rest of us keep our supplies organized. My answer would be "poorly." But, Eva to the rescue! She dashed off to her room and came out with all manner of organizational ideas and equipment. And then, using the skills she picked up as a hand and glove model, she waved those lovely fingers over her needle case (one of, like, five hundred) as if she were a game show hostess. (Pity she's not.)

Not long after, Kay came in to show me a gift that her sister Laurie made for her. The two are here together and L has been bestowing knit-related gifts on K since we got here. (Waa... why can't MY sisters knit and make ME cool gifts?). The gift of the day yesterday was a beautiful-- I mean just stunning-- needle case. So lovely was it, that when I went to the Black Duck for my daily bag fix, and when I got to talking bags with the proprietress, she told me she'd just seen the most gorgeous needle case, and proceeded to describe Kay's new case. See? It's already legendary!

Gina actually got the whole organizational ball rolling the other day. As she did last year, she brought gifts for all this year. And the score was most excellent. We each got a copy of the book KnitSpeak, a roll of highlighter tape, and this magic wand thingie that you can slide you pattern/chart into. This thing not only keeps your place, it magnifies the lines so you can actually see what you're doing. THANK YOU Gina!

Most of us had dinner over at the smashing Island Inn-- tres FAN-ceeeee! There, I got to describing one of my favorite gadgets, a recently acquired camping headlamp that I have repurposed so that I can see my knitting better. I actually whipped it out at dinner. Eva nearly spit her teeth out at the dorkiness of it. But then... bwahahaha, evil me... I stroked my beard and rubbed my hooves together and dared her to try it. So she did. Now she wants forty of them. In pink.

Hard to believe that today is our third full day already. Dang if flies by too quick.
Off for another long hike. Here are some pics:

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