Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fairwell Fair Isle!

And of course, when I say, "Fair well, Fair Isle," I'm not trying to suggest that with the end of this wonderful week comes an end to my attempts as Fair Isle and intarsia. The Fair Isle I speak of is our lovely Monhegan Island. Because if you think I'm just going to go back to Austin and resume making all my projects in stockinette Noro, you're crazy.

Oh no, after this week, I plan on making EVERYTHING in both Fair Isle and intarsia, and not only that, my new nickname is going to be The Cable Lady. That's right, not a row shall pass that doesn't include at least ten strands of yarn and the need for at least three cable needles used simultaneously.

I have been won over! Thank you, Lisa. Thank you, Susan.

And really, thank ALL of you for an incredible, hilarious week. And thank you, Holden, for all those low fat options at snack time. And thank you Bird Man for making the trip complete by showing up again this year. I'm a little sad there's not a hurricane brewing, a storm of the sort that would've prompted a round of loud scary pronouncements about the ride back to the mainland. But I'll get over it.

I'm going to be putting up more posts here over the coming days, some recaps of all we've done. Maybe this will be a chance for all of us to escape just a little longer before we get pulled back into a world where our cell phones work and we have to make our own dang coffee in the morning.

Safe travels to you all. Boy did I have a great time. And remember-- if you ever need hair and makeup, Eva is your gal.


  1. Hey Spike,
    What a fabulous week we had. So many delightful entertaining and interesting women in one place!
    I too managed to get myself to Burnt Head for sunrise this morning. The lovely Isabelle was there for me too. I hope she is at the MH next year when we are.
    Thank you to all who came this year for a beautiful week. And thank you to Patty, Melora, Susan, Mary Alice, Spike, and Holden. You guys are great!

  2. I love the knitted lobster
    - Louise