Thursday, July 2, 2009

The 'What Are You Doing To Get Ready?' Knit-a-long!

Hey Y'all,
Spike here. This week, Lisa's got something to say and so I'm stepping aside to let her tell you all about a cool project that I hope to get working on myself real soon here. Hope you will, too. Okay, here's Lisa:

It isn't often I think ahead about my knitting projects. I'm the kind of knitter who realizes in October that I'd love to knit something for everyone on my Christmas list. Needless to say, that list gets pared down to 1 lucky (I'm making a big assumption here...) recipient. But I am turning over a new leaf this summer and knitting ahead.

What I really want and need is a Yoga Mat Bag so I don't have to carry my bare rolled up mat around the Monhegan House looking like everyone else's. Plus, even if I never take the mat out of the bag, at least I'll look good carrying it. My to-knit-pre-trip list is already growing, too-- now I think I need some new slippers as well. So I'm hoping a few of you will join me in a knit-a-long. Let's call it the 'What Are You Doing To Get Ready?' Knit-a-long!

I'll post pics and notes about my progress on my project along with the instructions as I go and hopefully a few of you will join in, kibitz, share your ideas and pics of what you are working on as well.
For my project I have decided to destash a bit and use some leftover Recycled Rayon and silk. My choice is guided mostly by the color of my mats, one is purple, the other teal. Which ever looks best in the bag will be the lucky mat to go on my trip with me. As for my pattern, it has already gone through many renditions in my imagination but I have finally settled on a design.


1 skein recycled rayon
1 skein single ply silk
#7 US dpns
#7 US 24" circ needles

Gauge smauge, I'm winging it here with my mat as my guide but 4 sts = 1" seems right.

Cast-on 12 stitches. Divide evenly among 2 dpns (4 sts per needle). Join and work first round in Stockinette Stitch.

*Next round: K1, M1 across row (24 sts).

Work 3 rows in st st.*

Repeat * to* 3 more times (192 sts).

Next round: Knit row increasing 4 sts evenly across row (196 sts).

(So far so good)

The bottom of my bag fits nicely over the end of my rolled up mat and comes up the sides a little bit so I'm calling it done.

The hard part is next, chosing a color. I'm going with a Teal silk I have on hand, but if I run out of that I'll switch to an Acid Green, both of which will look really nice with my mats. Oh yea, the other challenge, starting the lacey mesh pattern. I did actually plan ahead a little and count my stitches.

In a few days I'll show you how I'm coming along with the lacey mesh portion of my bag. I know there will be a little trial and error getting the stitch pattern underway just as there is when setting up a new colorwork design. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you are working on to get ready for September!


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